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  1. I've got these 4 skins that I've created and I don't know the state of the jediknight.net server. Every time I try to download something I have some issue (usually that it is down). When I access lucasfiles.net (or whatever it is), I can't navigate it because it takes a minute to load a page (and I'm on a cable modem). Are there any other services? Oh... a page for my newest skin... Mandalorian Cop
  2. It depends on the controller, I believe. Saitek usually has a customizable doohicky that will let you emulate a joystick.
  3. SW games can be the buggiest games known to man! I still love them, though. Expecially the dreaded Carth bug and the Galaxy Droid bug for KOTOR. I was stuck in the Backura Bomb level and took care of it by simply redoing the level and taking the bombs in the quickest order possible.
  4. Well... I've got to say that as a literature teacher, it doesn't really matter what the author intended. The truth is in the ear of the listener. On the other hand, the word sychophant was used incorrectly, as it is supposed to mean that you are basically a "yes man" on everything. On the other hand, you both have valid points. The problem is that you both want seperate things. One of you wants the SW timeline to mean something, the other is invested in the POV that it doesn't. I say it doesn't really matter so much as long as you enjoy SW. Overall, I have to agree with Cosmos Jack, since I really hate the EU and the books because if you agree with what is written in them, Chewbacca's dead. If I agree with Cosmos Jack, it can all be rewritten and Chewie will be out there again:)
  5. And while I'm at it... before we really analyze the movies and want to try to make it all make sense, just remember that in Andromeda, everything went decadent and the tech declined. Maybe that can solve that particular difficulty.
  6. I would swear that I can remember discussing with friends as to whether or not BF had died and we agreed that it was really strange that he had just fallen into the Sarlac so easily and anti-climactically. We were pretty certain that GL had some kind of plan up his sleeve... otherwise, it was just bad writing and a wasted opportunity -before anyone says that it was just true to how life usually works, I'll remind that this is not real life, it's SW. I completely agree that GL said he killed off BF, but I don't think it matters as long as in the future someone kills him anyway. If GL really had purposefully meant to kill BF with no holes, he would have simply killed him the way the greatest SW villain was killed- Gallandro (from the Han Solo Trilogy)- 1000 lasers hitting him at the same time.
  7. Ummm... truth be told... if it worked in Outcast, it should work in JA... Just grab it and move it to the JA Base folder... I haven't tried it yet, but since it's the same engine and the inside of the base folder is constructed in the same exact way. I'm not sure how entities are done, but it should all work...
  8. Besides, you wouldn't be able to do acrobatics.
  9. Hate to do this, but I'm going to have to side with Captain Obvious... but I'll promote him to a Major. The bottom line is that this is just like Star Trek. They did a fairly good job "retroing" Enterprise, but it is still obvious that it is newer from the tech that they have... The bottom line is that I don't want to use a Saber that is made out of cardboard. I want a nice shiny saber. I don't want a gun that fires bullets in a game when I can just as easily head over to the rifle range. I don't want to spend a week in hyperspace when I don't have to. I'd rather just play my game and enjoy it regardless of when it is supposed to take place. Jeez. I just want to slice stuff up!
  10. sights0d

    3 Skins...

    I've got some pics up of 3 skins I've made. Let me know what you think. I wanted to show the pics in this thread, but geocities isn't allowing that for some reason. Sorry. Incidentally, the pic of the ninja wasn't all that good. Looked MUCH better ingame. Here are some links to my pages with screenies: Biker Knight Ninja
  11. Nope. I don't usually curse while posting. It's a waste of time. I also didn't put the spoiler warning on it, so I think it was an admin. I mean... how exactly is that a spoiler? Anyway... I still haven't figured out how to get it to work in MP.
  12. A firm possibility. I would swear, though, that I've been everywhere.
  13. Now how do I get it to work in MP?
  14. I got it to work in SP, now how about MP? And why doesn't it reflect blaster fire?
  15. I only used sniper rifle and saber the entire time. I used the carbine on one level, but that was it.
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