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  1. He may have been exaggerating the first time. He was drunk too...
  2. I like your ideas, not so sure about the last one though. It'd be hard to work out a situation where Starkiller decides to just cut himself and the Dark apprentice off from the force. I'd rather he just died after killing the dark apprentice, it just seems a bit contrived. Maybe a better way would be not a sacrificial death. Instead, the dark apprentice kills Juno and Starkiller goes after him for revenge, but after defeating him he realizes that that the dark apprentice was nothing more than what he could all too easily have become and that revenge was not something Juno would want him to turn to the darkside over. The dark apprentice grows enraged when Starkiller refuses to kill him, believing that he has failed his master and attacks Starkiller, who raises his saber and kills the dark apprentice in self defense... just before Vader's saber cuts through his back.
  3. So I started a thread over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums to gather ideas about features and plots for TFU: III. This was the result. I've colored the ones I've added from posters here in red. So we all know that when TFU 3 is made it must end in a way that brings things to canon by ANH. Vader must escape, and Starkiller must die or otherwise be brought out of the action for at least thirty five years or so. The Escape: The Dark Apprentice clone has stowed aboard the Rogue Shadow and frees his master. The two of them and a legion of the Empire's soldiers (Terror troopers?) wreck havoc upon the rebels and nearly kill Starkiller (but he escapes) 1. You play as Vader and slaughter your way off the base. 2. You play as the Dark apprentice use his Force cloak ability(think back to the betrayal trailer). You have to break Vader out and get him to safety. The Middle: A) Starkiller realizes that he isn't strong enough to defeat the dark apprentice (Who is allegedly more powerful than him if Vader is any judge, assuming he's telling the truth) and seeks a Jedi teacher besides Kota, one who trained under Anakin Skywalker herself... Ahsoka Tano! B) Starkiller seeks the anwser to the question of whether or not he really is a clone or the original. C) Vader did say Starkiller was his to control as long as Juno was alive, so Juno kidnapped again?... That would be lame and lazy. D) While Starkiller is recuperating from the attack, Kota leads raids on Imperial intelligence outposts, hoping to gather information on the Death Star and or the Dark Apprentice. Starkiller must catch up to and help his friend. E) Juno's death? Really give Starkiller a reason to go after Vader and struggle with the Dark Side. F) Switch off between Galen and the Dark apprentice between each level, the final battle could allow you to make the choice between light and dark and determine whether you play as Galen or the Dark Apprentice during the battle. G) Star fighter flying level, or part of a level, like a rail shooter similar to the TOR Space combat? The End: When the first TFU was in development, the team's earlier draft had the climax occurring at the Battle of Toprawa, the battle where the rebels got the death star plans just before the beginning of ANH. Starkiller would have been at the battle serving as a protector for Princess Leia. He was supposed to die fighting Vader's other secret apprentice, allowing Leia to escape with the plans. George Lucas rejected the draft, the plot was moved back a few years and the second secret apprentice was eliminated as a character. However the stage seems set for a similar ending to TFU 3. I foresee a climax involving Starkiller fighting the dark apprentice and Vader probably resulting in Starkiller killing the dark apprentice and being killed himself by Vader, eliminating the threat of the dark apprentice to the rebel alliance and perhaps allowing the alliance some victory or another. WISH LIST: 1. Longer game, most would agree with this I think 2. More bosses with lightsabers, I just finished the Endor DLC and I realized I enjoyed that final boss battle more than any of the ones the original TFU II game. There are people they can use, like Mara Jade. 3. Variety of enemies, this didn't bother me as much as it did some but it would be a good idea for them to amp up the variety of the enemies. As long as they don't overdue it, too much variety just makes them seem silly to me, I'm not sure how to express it. 4. Stick to 2 lightsabers, if Starkiller starts holding a third lightsaber in his mouth like Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, because it's the third game, even I won't be able to take it seriously, and I have a lot of tolerance for this sort of thing. 5. You can't have too much Rahm Kota 6. Keep current powers from TFU II and improve upon them. 7. More enemies and variety to QTE 8. Improve or change back upgrade system like the first TFU. 9. Prequel Era Jedi robe costume, possibly with hood up 10. Multiplayer. A versus mode, co-op mode, or both, and the option to create your own character for the multiplayer. Story for multiplayer: Make everyone a Galen clone (limited force points available for varied abilities and everone isn't just a copy of everyone else), and make the story justification Vader sending semi successful clones against one another on Kamino prior to the events of TFU II to find the most powerful. 11.Different lightsaber forms, can also be used to confuse melee enemies, varying from; One reverse-gripped-quicker but lower offense Two reverse-gripped-slower but higher offense Two forward-gripped-slower but higher defense One forward-gripped-quicker but lower defense 12. Maris Brood's story finished. What became of her after swearing to abandon the dark side? Was she successful? Was she telling the truth? 13. Bring back the end stage summaries that totaled how many of a certain enemy you killed, what your score for the level was etc. 14. I liked the extra challenges within the levels (like release the sarlaac tentacles). Bring those back. 15. I liked Lightning Shield better than Mind Trick. 16. I liked the idea of having two types of saber crystals despite the inaccuracy. Let's keep color preference separate from functionality. 17. It would be a nice touch to let us switch between one and two lightsabers. 18. It was nice to have actual droid giants instead of rancors and floating scrap metal. But I miss the rancors. 19. I miss Felucia and Kashyyyk. Enough with the interiors of ships and futuristic cities. Let's go back into the jungle and get attacked by a huge sentient plant again. 20 The ability to skip cutscenes more freely. I know they added the "skip" feature, but honestly when I'm playing through the game for the the 4th time, or just replaying levels with a different skin I would like to not have to hear Kota telling me to "clear the deck Starkiller...we got to get our fighters out there!" for the umpteenth time. For a perfect example of how cutscenes can be handled check out Bayonetta. 21. More Easter Eggs man! We had the clone helmet, the Falcon, C-3PO, Sterns room in TFU I...just cool little things like.
  4. Actually, it might be usable for a decent plot in TFU 3 I have an idea that it might be interesting if the player switched between the dark Apprentice and Starkiller every mission in TFU III. Through interactions with Juno, Kota and more importantly Starkiller, the Dark Apprentice might start to have doubts about the dark side and Vader's lies. In the climax, he would kill his clone at Vader's behest but in doing so he realizes that the clone is what he is supposed to be, that he is Galen Marek. Then he would make a last act against Vader and make a Heroic Sacrifice that saves the alliance and dies in the process.
  5. I've got a gold on a few but the only platinum I've got is The Gauntlet.
  6. I hope he's not a clone and I'm skeptical they would have brought up all the questioning about whether or not he's a clone only to turn out that all the emphasis on the possibility of Starkiller's survival was a waste of time just trying to confuse us. I'm not sure either way though.
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