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  1. I understood it was referring to the plant, but was way overthinking it - I thought I would have to make the plant bite into something that I would then bring with me, and did end up having to use the hint book. Felt like a fool, hahhh.
  2. Iron Rose and Putra are the standouts for me. Some good and funny dialogue, and they were among the most well defined and developed new characters in a game where my biggest complaint was that there weren't a lot of new interesting characters to talk to.
  3. I would love to see it completed and added, but I wonder if they would really have put the hidden noninteractive version of it into the game if they were expecting to be able to add it in full later on.
  4. I guess we're all posting our updated rankings, and being a big fan of ranking things I guess I gotta, too. I considered for some time whether Return is tied with Curse for me, but although I think it does do several things better, I will in the end put it just below Curse at #4.
  5. Absolutely. I recently finished the sci-fi mystery adventure AI: The Somnium Files, and as I played it I thought about how grateful I was that writer/director Kotaro Uchikoshi had been given the chance to make such an original and interesting game, on a bigger scale than any of his previous works.
  6. Mmm, I recall Ron and Dave saying similar things in recent interviews, too. I don't know where they'd go with the series after Return's ending, but I'd be interested to find out.
  7. Of course. Loom is my favorite Lucasfilm adventure game after Monkey Island, so sequels or a remaster of that is what I'm hoping for the most - but really, I'd be stoked to see more classic adventure game revivals in general. Disney owns Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle - Double Fine just got the license to develop and publish the DotT remaster.
  8. I, too, "solved" the puzzle by chance... I rotated the wheel a few times and clicked around on the year just to see how it worked, and then it just opened itself in front of me. I kind of wish there existed a thing you actively have to click to submit your answer, to prevent this.
  9. LeChuck did return to being a zombie in the beginning of Tales as well without explanation, presumably because it's the most iconic and recognizable design. I'm tbh fine with *unspecified stuff* having happened between Tales and Return that we don't know details about, that resulted in this.
  10. I think Return is doing well enough that Lucasfilm will look into doing more adventure game revivals, and that if not only Ron wants to do it but Craig as well, it very well might happen. Keeping my fingers crossed! (Also hoping that this is finally the time when Loom's sequel(s) happen!!)
  11. Unfortunate that this one was cut - it's got some very compelling art, and I would've loved to have another island to move back and forth between after getting the ship. Of course it comes across as even more mysterious and interesting than it possibly would have now that we only know it as a what-could-have-been area, but it still looks really neat.
  12. Not far enough into Return to rank it, but... 1. MI2 2. Secret 3. Curse 4. Tales 5. Escape For a while, MI2 and Curse were tied for #1 to me, but having replayed the series ahead of Return, I've had to change my mind. The parts of Curse that I like, I really do love, but... the rushed and sudden ending, the carnival area, the way the entire town of Puerto Pollo is one screen seen from a distance + interiors... still a great game, but it's not as perfect as my memory of it was. Meanwhile, I gained a lot of new appreciation for Secret in my recent playthrough - especially the part set on Monkey Island, with its air of mystery and with its nature scenes.
  13. I'm the kinda person who, while appreciating a physical release and preferring to get one when possible, is not into having one with loads of trinkets inside it. I would love an artbook with commentary from the developers, but that's about it to be honest.
  14. Oh, interesting. Weird that it shows up to regular users like that.
  15. I just went to put my Return preorder in, and scrolling down I noticed this: "Monkey Island Advertising...", with stretched art from the physical release of the MI1&2 Special Editions and a mention of talk like a pirate day. Clicking it just takes me to the store page for MI2SE, choosing to add it to my wishlist does nothing, and it does not appear on the MI franchise page. Anyone know what this could be about?
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