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  1. Well JA finishes on a cliff hanger man, but SP never really bothered me, it was allways the multiplayer that i loved, the community, but i quit when it was at the end of its very slow painful death (about a year ago) i really miss this game, so so much how jedi clans would fight sith clans n stuff, clan wars where i would go into the rival clans server as boba fett and snipe their leaders off as a "lamer" really loved doing assasinations as boba, or force fights as a sith its this game that gave me my online name, started playing JO when i was nothing but a nipper, around 8 or 9, played till i was like 18 or some shizzle this game was a huge part of my life and rather than wasting their time on silly single player force games they should let anyone play as anything they wanted, like in JA it was the variety that kept JA the great game that it is, even in SP there was variety and customisation, really miss this game
  2. First of all let me start by saying im a big fan of JO, JA, KOTOR and battlefront. Now the big question, why dont lucas arts make more jedi knight games like JO and JA? i am sure you have heared this many times before, and with good reason, rather than make a new JK game you make the flop that is force unleashed, i am yet to meet someone who enjoys this game. i dont want to crush ant stormtroopers nor do i want to be a force super power, its an insult to anything starwars, its like god vs cockroaches, this is not star wars imo, the fight between good and evil should be an even one, battles with lightsabers AND guns, because some of us think bounty hunters and other non jedi characters rock too. i played force unleashed briefly for maybe 30 mins, cant say i ran to the shop and bought it, all i did was ask my friend to put GTA 4 on rofl look at these forums, how many posts in unleashed? then look at the attention JA gets to this day, the community WAS huge, get starwars back to how it was rather than making anime movies and fail games Thanks for your time Jamesfett
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