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    Im a HUGE star wars Fan. I Also love to Build things with Legos
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    The Force Unleashed
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    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords
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  1. Hey buddie how u been?

  2. Hey Guys Im canceling The Total Conversion. WHY: I want to work on Other Projects before making a Total Conversion.

  3. Skinning and when you send me the files send them to flamestreet@hotmail.com

  4. Hey uh, what would you like to do for The Jedi Civil War 2 Mod? Modules? Skinning? Voice Acting, Well your Already Voice acting.

  5. Hey, on The Jedi Civil WAr mod what would you like to do? Module Editing?

  6. Hey, can I help out on the Gang Rumble? I would like to make Some Scripts and Weapons.

  7. Eiether way all or one. Just send me the file I'll do the voices I need to. Sound good?



    Your the Voice actor of all the Republic soldiers? or do you want to be Voice of only one Republic Soldier?

  9. Ah, I forgot, sorry. But, I'm working on a LOT of modding projets at the moment, but I'l try to find time for your mod.

  10. I am currently working on The Tale of Jebord Esio, yes.

  11. Hey Aren't you working on a TC? If you are, and need any help ill just ask me and ill help you.

  12. No, No, No, this mod is for Kotor not TSL.

  13. I wish I could. Sadly, my TSL doesn't work at the moment :(

  14. Hey, um would you like to do anything else besides voice acting?

  15. Hey GODKING I rewrote the Mod into Kotor 1 not TSL, Would you like to be a Writer? I changed it to Kotor because I just Thought it would be Better :)

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