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  1. The tower being destroyed was a sensor tower, not a shield tower. The shields on the Executor were taken down by a concentrated bombardment from a significant percentage of the Rebel fleet. Ackbar didn't say 'Concentrate all fire that Super Star Destroyer' because he was for the lulz.' If all it took was two guided missiles to destroy the entire ship, they would do that.
  2. Yeah, it's 343 Industries. Bungie is doing other stuff. Anyway, who says Halo 4 has to have anything to do with the Human-Covenant War? Maybe they'll actually tread new ground with it.
  3. A $50,000 price tag per episode seems really low to me.
  4. Obsidian really does need to figure out how to make a decent prologue, though.
  5. Because politicians are stupid, Q.
  6. Especially since 'The Antichrist' is not from the Bible. Not in the form of being the Devil in human form - no, in the Bible, it's just anyone who denies Christ.
  7. I've finally started my Mass Effect: Universe RP, if you're still interested.

  8. American strippers? I'd be -less- enticed. Strippers typically don't look all that great in decent light.
  9. Wow. That's pretty impressive considering it's hand-work. People harp on about how Daggerfall had an area twice the size of Great Britain, but considering it was all generated flatlands, it wasn't all that impressive.
  10. Still, I think we need to party like it's $19.99.
  11. I believe Bachmann's point is that if you remove minimum wage laws, Corporations can start hiring people at $0.05 an hour. Presumably, she hasn't considered the reason that people -work- is so that they can eat and have a place to sleep.
  12. KotoR I: Increase party size to six. Modify game accordingly. KotoR II: Don't get made.
  13. One thing that would be high on my list of things to cut would be not having so many/any damn bases overseas, these shutdowns obviously being slowed a bit until the situations in Afghanistan and Iraq are resolved. Much as I don't like us being there, walking away while it's still a crisis zone would be even worse. Americans would balk at having other nation's military based on our soil, why should the reverse be any different?
  14. Yeah, Defense would be my first target. The United States needs to scale back from wartime military readiness, the Cold War has been over for twenty years.
  15. Of course you could, but the politicians we have don't give a damn as long as the house of cards they've been building doesn't collapse while they're still in office - as long as they aren't in the room when someone breathes hard enough to topple it, they'll escape wrath until after they're dead and dust, and even then people will argue about it. The only way we're ever going to balance the budget is by cutting spending and cutting a -lot- of it, and that's not going to happen for a long, long time.
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