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  1. I've finally started my Mass Effect: Universe RP, if you're still interested.

  2. An agnostic posits that the truth is ultimately unknowable ("I can't prove that he does exist and I can't prove that he doesn't exist, therefore both positions are equally likely"). I don't accept this position. Acknowledging a lack of evidence does not mean that it's unreasonable to expect some. That god could reveal his/her/itself in an empirical but does not means that I cannot say for certain that he/she/it does not exist, but makes it very easy for me to acknowledge that there are no good reasons to accept the argument that he/she/it does.


    I understand that you're not seeing the distinction between a belief in a negative position and a lack of belief altogether, but I assure you it's there (as many people are attempting to point out)

  3. If you don't actively believe in the nonexistence of deities, you're not really an atheist, you're an agnostic.

  4. "Well, I would consider Atheism to be a belief - it's the belief that God's absolutely do not exist."


    You're forcing a perspective on non-believers that doesn't apply. I cannot prove that god doesn't exist (in fact, no one can prove a negative), but that doesn't mean that I actively hold the belief that he doesn't exist.


    Yes, some atheists will tell you that they belief that god does not exist, but their opinions a) don't reflect those of all non-believers and b) are fallacious.

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