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  1. I think people have mainly gone for Mos Espa - simply because it's so awesome We're still working out exactly what the tool is capable of. I don't think we can create or edit the models (as far as I can tell). We can add objects and characters to levels. Anyone got any burning mod desires? Found out what is/isn't possible?
  2. Hi everyone I thought maybe we could use this thread to plan mods or share our ideas. It's so amazing that we can now mod this game (thank you again Zanzibar). However, it seems like we've all just started to fiddle around with bits of the game on our own which won't get us too far. If people want to share what they've done already, what they plan to do and maybe ways people can help we can hopefully work together to create some good mods rather than each of us doing tiny little changes to levels on our own. Just a thought!
  3. Awesome stuff - you're really putting in a lot of effort! The bit with Jabba's pet escaping was hilarious, though he didn't seem to take any notice of anyone, including the player. Jabba's pet vs. The guards (their species really needs a name! I think Zanzibar should have that honour!) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mos_Espa_scavenger%27s_species
  4. This looks amazing mate. To be honest, I don't understand much of it (very new to all this) but your effort really is appreciated!
  5. I'm dreaming. I must be. That's the only explanation. WOW! This is awesome guys. Looking forward to hearing more news Zanzibar.
  6. I used the Resource File Creator Dumper to open it. You can dump all the contents elsewhere on your computer to look at. http://quickandeasysoftware.net/software/resource-file-creator-and-dumper
  7. Wow, awesome to see you back on the forum, Zanzibar! Real shame that the original tools were lost for editing the levels. I guess it's the same situation for the mat and bad files? My question is: if it were possible for you now to add/change one part of the game, what would it be?
  8. Just had an odd experience at the start of Mos Espa. Was just starting to fight the Tuskens. I was doing my usual tactic of not going beyond the wall of rock on the right so the ones with rifles couldn't shoot me. I hung around just at the entrance with Padme and Jar Jar and one or two Tuskens would jump over to fight - usual routine. However, one of the Tuskens either jumped round so he was between us and the ship (not seen that before). While he was still in the air I instinctively force pushed him, wondering if I could get Obi Wan and Panaka to join the fight for once. However, the Tusken flew (literally) off the screen! I ran back to the ship and he was nowhere to be seen. I went back to fighting the Tuskens. A minute or so later another one jumped over us towards the ship and disappeared without me even force pushing at all. Even weirder, when I went back to the ship Obi Wan had disappeared, though Panaka was still there assuring me he was going to keep watch till I return (though not bothering to help at all). I went back to fighting and was down to two Tuskens plus the two with rifles. Then, randomly, a Tusken dropped out of the sky (I guess the original one) and joined in the fight. I can only presume he'd been in orbit somewhere! Was very very odd! And then just to make it better Padme got herself killed (why never Jar Jar?)
  9. Interesting stuff. I found recently about the damage file in the big.lab file where you can edit the damage of any weapon in the game. Some of the descriptions of the weapons are clear but some aren't! I'm currently experimenting to work out which is which.
  10. Just thought I'd post my feelings about all the levels 1 Trade Federation ship Had the demo before the game so have played it literally hundreds of times. I still enjoy it, though. Lots of action which gets you right into the game. Fighting alonside Qui Gon is cool, sad it doesn't happen more. The secret areas with the hidden items are cool. I really like the look of the level on the whole and a good contrast between the bright corridors and dark tunnels. Is there anyone who hasn't died at least once in the fan in the tunnels? 2 Swamps Ugh, my least favourite level it must be said. Seemed to take forever to complete. It's a dark level, especially compared to the Federation Ship, so it was harder to see where you're going and where enemies are. I just never really felt it was a fun level, personally. Too many tricky jumping puzzles, annoying falling trees and random animals to hurt you. 3 Otoh Gunga A bit of an odd level, in that you can go the whole way through killing nobody or you can go on a rampage killing adult and child gunguns with no consequence (we all know which of those two we always chose!). A few tricky jumping puzzles though I never found them as difficult as some people make them out to be, not sure why. Not one of my all time favourites but I quite enjoy it simply for being so different to all the others. 4 Gardens of Theed I always wonder how Qui Gon and Jar Jar survive at the start. One of the best levels, I think. A large level with some good challenges, lots of action and secret areas. I always spend a lot of time loading and reloading save games so that I can save all the Naboo soldiers. The two soldiers by the crashed fighter (which explodes) live or die depending on whether I need health! If I do need health, I tell myself that the fighter would probably explode at some point anyway so my conscience is clear! 5 Escape from Theed Again, a great level. Yes, the Queen does get a little annoying and hinders your exploration whereas all the levels before could be done at your own pace. I liked being able to interact with citizens of Theed (who you could randomly murder). I only recently found out that if you let the guy out of the prison and spare his life he'll give you weapons when you return later in the game. I normally killed him because A) he's supposed to be in prison and B) he sounded very suspicious when claiming he was going to fight the droids. Would have been better if you rendenvoed with Qui Gon before the hanger so you could have a bigger battle like in the film. 6 Mos Espa What hasn't been said about this level? The best in the game. The feeling of freedom and lack of a linear path was a revelation to me when the game first came out. The fact that there were so many things to do and you could pick and choose how to complete the level are what makes it so awesome. The large variety of people, tons of places to explore and the ability to go on a rampage are awesome. Someone needs to make a mod to turn off the annoying 'Padme has been killed' game over screen. The only thing I don't like are the Tuskens at the start. They take ages to get past if you don't want to use up loads of ammo or lose health. 7 Mos Espa Arena Nowadays, I really enjoy this level. The secret area at the start and the traders to talk to are cool. I used to hate boss battles when I was young and I really struggled to get past this level because of Jabba's Pet. The number of times it would kill be just before a health pack was chucked down! Again, it felt like there were lots of characters you could get to know and different storylines to follow. Oh, and you can go on a rampage. 8 Encounter in the desert Just a boss level, basically. The shortest in the game by far. Perhaps it could have been lengthened - maybe you start of back in Mos Espa but have to deal with Sebulba and some of his thugs? Anyway, the fight against Maul can be tricky, especially the second half protecting the hyperdrive. Is it possible to go over and kill the Tuskens in the corner (that you can see when the ship takes off) whilst still winning the level? 9 Coruscant I have mixed feelings about it. I remember the very first time I got to it and I felt a great sense of achievement after completing the Tatooine levels. I love the first part of the level in the upper areas of Coruscant. However, I don't really like playing as Panaka. I now normally play as Qui Gon. The underground section seems to take a long time and is a bit repetitive but overall I enjoy the level as a jedi - certainly makes the boss easier. One thing that always always bugs me - the lift at the end. It takes so long! 10 Assault on Theed I personally enjoy it when you return to an area that you visited earlier in the game which it now somewhat different. I love spotting all the differences - seeing whether you can access the same areas as before and which things are different. It always made me a bit sad that the guy in the boat with the blue shirt didn't escape Lots of action - fun to fight with Panaka and the sections as Obi Wan are also pretty cool. Oh, the guy hiding in the cupboard near the hanger with the equipment is still there, which is nice. On the other hand - Amidala! Why the hell is her main weapon a cattle prod? I must admit, however, that it can be pretty funny to see the effects on the droids. It's always slightly confused me - sometimes you can kill them by zapping them lots and lots of times. Other times it seems like if you zap them a few times and leave them, they die when the electricity on them disappears. Again, it can be quite fun to play as a Jedi and be less defensive in the level than if you were Amidala. 11 The Final Battle Tough as Amidala, easy as a Jedi - your pick. It's cool being able to explore the Palace a bit, though the block pushing puzzles get tedious quite quickly. A level where the light repeating blaster and the 'happy' cheat come in very useful with all those destroyer droids The jumping parts and other puzzles as Obi Wan are not that fun. I would have preferred much more action. The number of times I have to reload a save because I missed a jump on those rings Overall, a game with its flaws but means a lot to me. Was one of the very first PC games I ever had when I was ten years old and I have adored it ever since. What are everyone else's thoughts on the levels?
  11. The only progress I've made is accessing the contents of the big.lab file It contains .baf files which look to be character models, sound effects, pictures and .spr files (not sure what they are). I can't find a way to open the bad files to have a look and possibly edit them yet, but it's a start!
  12. Almost certainly they won't, though never hurts to ask.
  13. I have sent an email to ask/beg for the modding tools - will be interesting to see what the reply is. If anyone else wants to (to show I'm not alone!) I used the form on this page: http://help.disney.com/Games/Lucasfilm Near the bottom of the page on the right hand side, the Contact Us button.
  14. I still think sometimes about what would be modded in the game, especially when you look at the huge number of mods for games like Jedi Outcast. Here's some things that would probably be modded, in my opinion: Graphics: despite the fact it came out in 1999 I still think it looks pretty alright at the high settings. I'm not sure I'd want someone to do an HD update of the graphics, but some texture improvements here and there wouldn't go amiss. Those blocks everyone has for hands could certainly be improved! Enemies: at a basic level simply adding more enemies to levels to make it more difficult would be good news for us experienced players who frankly know the location of every battle droid already! Perhaps it would be possible to change patrol patters or even make the behaviour more random to improve replayability? Levels: adding and expanding the already existing levels would, of course, be one of the first things done. What if there were more trade options in Mos Espa where you could get genuinly useful items like the personal shield generator or weapons? I'd love Coruscant to have a longer section in the upper and market areas - I feel the level spends too long going through underworld tunnels with annoying enemies you can barely see. What other things would people add/change? Items: alter/improve the weapons? The light repeating blaster, unless you use the cheat, is pretty useless as it does so little damage I find. Add some more items like the personal shield throughout the game. Any other things people would want modded? We can only dream, sadly, but it's still fun to think of it. Has anyone tried getting in contact with Lucasarts directly about it?
  15. Some glitches here I'd never heard of - thanks! Surely the most legendary glitch has to be Tomo's mother? Gotta love the way she stays so calm whilst sinking into the sand.
  16. I used to have this problem. I simply updated my video drivers and it worked fine! Hope that helps.
  17. Yes, works with all graphics options on and set to highest resolution with no problems.
  18. 15 years after first getting the game - still able to discover new things! Never realised until today that you can deflect gungan energy balls using your lightsaber, just like blaster shots!
  19. Hi Does anyone know where I can download the Mace Windu file and any others like that? I know there was also an improved Obi Wan and maybe some others. Sadly, Master Qui Gon's amazing site no longer exists.
  20. Do you still have this? Would you be able to send it?
  21. Edited: sorted! Managed to install on a virtual machine and copy the files to my hard drive. I've updated the registry as suggested on other websites. If anyone else is trying to install on windows 7, open the obi.ini file and add the following: screen_width=1280 screen_height=1024 max_menu_Width=1280 max_menu_Height=1024 Worked like a charm!
  22. Hi guys Has anyone ever managed to open or edit the level files? They're in B3D format. I've searched and searched for a program to open them with. I've tried several different 3D modelling programs which say they open them, but none seemed to work. Any ideas? Would be awesome to edit them - or just to view them.
  23. Managed to do it! Downloaded Windows Virtual PC 2007 and ran windows 98 off that and installed it there. So happy it worked! Looking forward to playing and posting some screen shots!
  24. I have Windows 7 Home Premium which allows you to run Windows Virtual PC but does not allow the XP mode, which is incredibly frustrating! Spent hours trying to find a solution but I can't seem to get anywhere. Are the installed files available for download anywhere?
  25. Thanks for the reply - great to know there are still people round here! Unfortunately I don't have another machine to install onto
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