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  1. Yesterday I showed my brother the latest TOR videos (he is a professional designer) ... He looked at the sabers and he said: "wtf is this? It is disgusting! Its like hes holding a billiard stick(hes not fan of star wars, only saw movies) ... I dont know what you think about them, guys, the greatest tor fans, but ordinary people say- disgust. but yes, now I understand the reasons of creators, but it doesnt change the fact that it is repulsive...
  2. yes, other... in EVERY game and in EVERY movie... only in BIG TOR must be sabers EXTRA SUCKS(because its a "little" different)!
  3. well, I just thought that if I create this topic, someone will do such a simple thing as edit damn saber to look better... if you are blind and you think that this is a good.. ok ... its a ten-minute work for graphic designers.. the game should attract a player's money omfg
  4. :-D :-D people... light around the saber is not light, it's just the colored edge of the white stick ... It bothers me ... :-/
  5. i have seen latest TOR gameplays and all videos but sabers still seems to me suck... they dont seems to me the same as we know from the movies... ..just an ordinary colored stick :-/
  6. can i somehow change a sides? (for ex. from jedi to sith) ?
  7. is incomprehensible why they made ​​the sabers so unprofessional...
  8. it blurs only in certain situations... probably some Ability
  9. well, but in the video sabers could be movement blurred ..
  10. my idea of ​​a saber... OFFICIAL by BioWare MADE BY ME(Notice the blurred red sword when it moves -> on the right)
  11. me too of course .. I dont wanna too glowing saber like here - http://www.rpgfan.com/previews/kotor/kotor-5b.jpg saber ... I just like the sabers in movie thats all ... and I think that most people have the same opinion
  12. Yea, Jedi Academy is a game in which the sabers were allright :-) i don't care f any 7 years old game - kotor .. now comes tor.. I would say that the lightsabers are even better in Kotor than TOR (they are "not much" in Kotor too).. i dont know why did they do lightsabers stick-like in tor.. it doesnt look good!
  13. Star Wars without yoda-jump is not star wars!!!!!!!
  14. they dont look so good.,even in your video-> not ... if you see .. light of lightsaber is too sharp... the edges arent blurred...sabre is very thin... in the best starwars game i expected better design of Lightsabers.. thats all ...
  15. lightsabers from movie - http://www.alexandgregory.com/images/palpatine_4.jpg lightsabers from other star wars games - http://xboxmedia.ign.com/xbox/image/jediacademy_xbx_101003_006.jpg (jedi academy) and now lightsabers from OLD REPUBLIC - http://www.hrypc.cz/files/star-wars-the-old-republic%5B4%5D.jpg Here you can see the difference worst-looking sabers are in old republic :-/// Why did they do that?
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