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  1. To quote the article: "During this time, al Qa'ida was responsible for less than 1% of all terrorist attacks." It goes on to indicate that AQ caused more casualties than other group, so I understand your point. Any terror attack is dangerous, some more so than others. However, this source covers exclusively attacks by AQ and it's allies, and doesn't go into detail about non-Muslim attacks. As far as the attention received by Muslim extremists goes, of course they receive more when the media puts their name out first. There are many reasons for AQ's relative success in implementing attacks. Religious dogma only brings in recruits, it doesn't make them more or less dangerous than any other terrorist. Training, funding, and zealotry are a dangerous combination. However, Islam does not have a monopoly on any of those. I am enjoying this debate, the source material was particularly enlightening. I look forward to your rebuttal.
  2. Source, please? I agree that there Muslims extremists perpetrate the bulk of the attacks. However, the way that the media jumped to the conclusion that this particular incident had links to AQ does nothing more than further suspicion of Muslims everywhere and hype AQ into boogeymen. We live in tumultuous times, where an attack by a terrorist or terrorist group is a very real possibility. However, the perpetrators do not fall neatly under religious labels. Similar minded individuals will group together and choose a banner that makes sense to them. Devoting extra resources to "protect" against one religious group leaves us vulnerable to attacks from other angles. I suppose my point boils down to this: Muslim terrorists should be feared, but not any more or less than any other terrorist. Whether they're IRA or AQ doesn't matter, they're terrorists. What does matter is what they are presented as. If a non-Muslim perpetrates an attack that gets blamed on a Muslim group, resources and public awareness will turn from other, legitimate threats.
  3. The belief that Muslim extremists have a monopoly on terrorism is not only foolish, it also diverts resources and public awareness from other, legitimate threats to security. Are there Muslim terrorists? Yes. Is every terrorist or killer Muslim? No.
  4. Most of what Glenn Beck says is "ignorant, incorrect, and extremely hurtful" http://www.politifact.com/personalities/glenn-beck/ Why he was ever given a national voice is beyond me.
  5. I agree with that. In their quest to appeal to the casual gamer, Lionhead appears to be alienating a large portion of their fan base. The move to Kinect is akin to removing the challenge, IMO. The demo at E3 looked pretty, but it raised concerns with many fable fans, myself included.
  6. Yes, the post office. That secret evil that has been destroying the United States for decades. Or, y'know, not.
  7. They have an interesting story, but Lionhead removed any semblance of difficulty from the sequels. The combat simplification felt like it removed depth, for me at least. And what happens if you die? You get back up. It removed any feeling of challenge. Why worry about losing experience when you can just get more? The game doesn't take your abilities away, and there is no shortage of experience opportunities to replenish what you lose. The series does tell excellent stories. There are some interesting twists, and Albion is a fun place.
  8. The first Fable was the best, IMO. The gameplay felt more watered down in the sequels. I also don't think that Fable would be a good fit for the Kinect, the demonstration appeared to be on rails and the combat didn't look terribly exciting even then. The sheer number of expressions could also cause problems; detecting what is what could be tricky.
  9. Couldn't happen, unless there is some other KOTOR era super-ship that isn't public knowledge. The Executor is itself a super weapon, IMO. It would be foolhardy to attack it with anything less than another super weapon or a fleet of capital ships.
  10. The premise if far-fetched, but I think it could turn out okay. The scope of locations has me hoping that we may get to play as more varied nationalities, which would be an interesting experience. MW2 might be the disappointing transition from a more realistic to a more over-the-top game. Russia invading America? Crazy. Can they make a fun game with that as the starting point? I think its possible, we'll just have to wait and see. And on the subject Modern Warfare maps, Crash is among the best multiplayer maps of any shooter, IMO
  11. Haha, you make a good point. I was speaking more to the realism factor. And if I ever make an allegation against Die Hard, I expect you behead me personally, Mav.
  12. I thought they said that it would be the last one with the Master Chief? Regardless, it would appear to be a moot point, they're making another one. I'm rather pleased with the Anniversary Edition of Combat Evolved. I think that will be highly enjoyable. As far as Halo 4 goes, I'm going to remain leery of it until I find out more. I'm not too excited about restarting a series that has already concluded (and concluded well, IMO).
  13. The first one was more... not realistic, but authentic. The story was more believable. The second was more action-movie and over the top. The difference is akin to "Saving Private Ryan" and "Diehard" I'm hoping that this one will be closer to the first. The premise of Russia invading the US is ludicrous, but if the gameplay if the story following that premise is more realistic, it will be highly enjoyable. I'm going to get it anyways. Regardless of how outlandish the story is, Call of Duty has always had solid gameplay. And I can always complain about the story later.
  14. Time is always of the essence in an emergency. If you mean the time of day, then that should be considered. Responsibilities should be weighed. In addition, if things work there in a similar fashion to how they work in South Carolina, then Campus PD are actual police officers, with all the legal authority and responsibilities that brings. In my opinion, the officer in question did the right thing. There were other officers on duty at the time and lives were in danger at the scene of the emergency.
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