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  1. looks like you werent rescuing damsels and slaying dragons:xp:

    as i recall in your last conversation with the saber tooth tiger:haw:

  2. looks like you werent rescuing damsels and slaying dragons:xp:

  3. OKAY!!I just created a full detail minecraft texture pack, with shaders and everything (I dont know the resolution but it's higher than 256x256, Oh and it is as blocky as it used to be:raise:)

    in beta 6.6 with the upgraded flying mod, items mod, gun mod(slightly upgraded), map mod, my custom mods and a new items such as my skin changer which allows you to make skins ingame with the right wool, binoculars, defensive turret-- and not going to waste all this time explaining(and with all that work that I have done there is no way imma givin this away for free)The texture(mod) imma thinking of selling and has included new soundtracks



    Sound good?:haw:

  4. were the damsels wearing mini skirts?:grnlgh:

  5. cause no one can compete with da master

    (unless ur face is full of zits:hurk:)

  6. Betcha your jealous ....


    watch this --Cold play (voilet hills)




  9. Oh no i just checked how you knew Max's name:haw:

  10. Awsome but playing with java online sucks so i only play a offline disk copy on my cheap laptop---java stuffs everything up in my life:evil3: so i dont play on my desktop computer with java---besides offline is cool!I make my own mods! etc:war mods- plane mods-texture mods--also a star wars mod(not availble either)


    And in my war mod you got arctillery....and flak_(anti- aircraft!):eyepop

    But im still working on a no java version:swear:which in basic...means making a whole new game


    I'm a part nerd:haw:

  11. I saw a minecraft picture in album-----> do ya play eh?:eek:

  12. Anyway plz accept the frienship request i sent you i have to leave now sry:beam2:

  13. snore....damn people type slow:(

  14. goin through personal stuff

  15. hello...anybody there......

  16. Roooaaar what are you doin on my proflie

  17. Dude you've almost got the same location as me!:haw:

  18. Join our Creed or next time you turn around.....STAB......joking welcome to my profile all :D

  19. Nice to meet you 2

  20. Dude im following you all over the bf2 forums

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