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  1. looks like you werent rescuing damsels and slaying dragons:xp:

    as i recall in your last conversation with the saber tooth tiger:haw:

  2. looks like you werent rescuing damsels and slaying dragons:xp:

  3. OKAY!!I just created a full detail minecraft texture pack, with shaders and everything (I dont know the resolution but it's higher than 256x256, Oh and it is as blocky as it used to be:raise:)

    in beta 6.6 with the upgraded flying mod, items mod, gun mod(slightly upgraded), map mod, my custom mods and a new items such as my skin changer which allows you to make skins ingame with the right wool, binoculars, defensive turret-- and not going to waste all this time explaining(and with all that work that I have done there is no way imma givin this away for free)The texture(mod) imma thinking of selling and has included new soundtracks



    Sound good?:haw:

  4. were the damsels wearing mini skirts?:grnlgh:

  5. Lovely isn't it.....the weather man got it right for once
  6. ^^^ looks like a guy who just came off survivor island
  7. GTA what ever happened to.... im big 'n sexy:(this sucks:compcry:
  8. ummm...........i played this game years and years ago i didnt even know there was a volume 2:raise:
  9. Lego star wars The quest for R2-D2 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH :haw::haw::haw:
  10. :haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw::haw:
  11. cause no one can compete with da master

    (unless ur face is full of zits:hurk:)

  12. I got a PC(and a laptop) ,MP3 player,CD player and imma also getting an Ipod Nano for christmas:xp:(im gonna make it light blue or dark green)
  13. The game is called lame:xp: Heres the spoiler, it's called: Escape Velocity Nova OOOHHHH...you just got served(i think)
  14. It's been 4 years, and this thread needs and update, Stacraft 2 is up and about. (and is looking good) It has exceeded all expectations and has more than 1 million fans(I personally play it myself:haw:)But if you buy the game now you may have to go through 15 updates on the game: IGN rates it 9.0 (they dont give many games that review) Most awsome stratergy game ever MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Stunning graphics -Intelligent AI -Great gameplay - u betta believe it
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