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  1. True, I mean he is the chosen one. And that would really be his style, tricking Starkiller for yet another time. And you have to admit the battle looked quite real
  2. I first played TFU2 by accident (thanks best friend) and I thought "This is awesome!" and then someone said me to go play TFU1, and I was like "This makes TFU2 look like a joke"
  3. Jedi Adventure robes, the only robe that does not curse with any of the saber colors...
  4. DON'T PANICK! it might take a long time but if you keep moving it to face you and then pull it down WHILE ALSO making sure it kinda faces you, you will win. The biggest problem is the TIE Fighters swarming at you. But in the end you will win or perish at the hands of Imperial Thai Fighters.
  5. Might be your CD-reader-thingy, I had a old laptop that used to read CD's only once every 5 times I put one in, AND it almost never brought the CD out so I ended up buying a external one. Thats one solution, another would be for you to check the online FAQ and maybe send a message to LucasArts on their site, it might be related to a game file on your PC or maybe even your PC itself.
  6. TFU2? the backwards impale attack and the toss over his back is pretty nifty, just press jump button and the attack button at the same time, now this second one hmmmm... I think its attack three times then press and HOLD the Force Push button and then when the enemy is in the air press Force Push again, otherwise I think you mean the other grapple attack we're you press the Force Push and Force Lighting button at the same time. p.s. its storm trooper.
  7. If I could choose a model from any SW game then I would choose Revan from KOTOR, but if the choice was only from TFU then I would go for Kota, I would just love to use the force to grab a dozen objects and all at the same time have them track and crash on my enemy, pretty nifty unless a little Force Repulse gets in your way, oh and Kota has that shield power also pretty nice I guess, I wonder why Starkiller does not have any Force immunity while his clones had.
  8. I know a group of people that hate a game so much they created the ultimate mod for it, why not do the same for TFU2? maybe I should contact the guy creating that Evolution mod?
  9. Come on people, editing XML's is as easy as can get, I just need to know which one I am looking for, the one that defines the abilities of the saber crystals.
  10. And being able to be invisible and call in a gigantic grey monster to help you in combat has nothing to with it?
  11. The Emperor, I would make lightning, shield myself and float in the air and bombard my puny enemy with stuff that I throw from the sky, and if I can't finish my enemy or if Shaak Ti keeps sending those living trees people call Felucians at me I would call in my henchmen.
  12. I liked the TIE fighter factory level, you run around and kill Stormies and Rebel using your imagination, it has secret rooms and thats it, easy and chill level.
  13. I agree, those pesky Felucians just creeping up from behind or surrounding you while you just want to have a nice one-on-one saber battle, the Junk droids are only annoying when they get you first or when there are more then 3 of them, what I truly hate are those idiot Rodians, how can one team of "scavengers" have chainguns and how can you "stab" someone with a anti-gravity tool?
  14. Editing the XML files is easy if you have a modders background in game like Empire at War, but my problem is that there are allot of XML's all with the same name, I would like to edit the saber crystals so that I can make them all have the effects of the rest, now I know it will make the game a bit too easy I know but at the same time you also could have your favorite color and favorite effect. the main reason I want to screw around with my files is that the Disintegration crystals don't really do what they should (Disintegrate is only a visual effect) I would like to make them disintegrate 100% (does it do anything besides that?) of the time since the only time this effect kicks in anyway is when your enemy is down and you continue to slash him and give it some extras like the Impact crystal bonus since I like a good saber battle, so in essence the black crystal is just a red one in disguise isn't it? anyone know what XML's i'm looking for?
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