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  1. Does anybody knows what's about Land today? There's basically nothing on the net about him, so sad. Actually I really die to find a way to communicate with him, but at least know what is he doing this days.
  2. I would really love that too!! With the same old fantastic music and everything, technology today allows to make it real. How much money wasted in stupid animated movies and all that stuff.
  3. Yeah! I never knew anybody wich have this one unfortunately.
  4. Well I'm newbie in this forum but I just wanna ask one thing; is the The Dig soundtrack but in lossless quality. I always tried to get this one but I never could! I got two versions in mp3, one the official with the 11 tracks and another one (I think it's the rip game probably) with 34 tracks. So I would really like to know if somebody could upload it for me or show me a link wich contains the same. Would be very appreciated an important to me! Thanks to all in advance
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