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  1. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. LIES HARARK, we decided it ate eight of bad cake and the ninth was the best
  3. 2 crazy /b/, (me and meh Scottish friend Taylor), and two sane people (harark and his friend amber) so far, although were doing fine, anyway, just having me and taylor affects it drastically, for one, without us 1: there would be no ninth heart, and 2: ITS CACTI NOT CACTUSES!!!! >
  4. GRAYHAT HACKERS, and we didnt save the government, we saved minecraft XD

  5. OKAY!!I just created a full detail minecraft texture pack, with shaders and everything (I dont know the resolution but it's higher than 256x256, Oh and it is as blocky as it used to be:raise:)

    in beta 6.6 with the upgraded flying mod, items mod, gun mod(slightly upgraded), map mod, my custom mods and a new items such as my skin changer which allows you to make skins ingame with the right wool, binoculars, defensive turret-- and not going to waste all this time explaining(and with all that work that I have done there is no way imma givin this away for free)The texture(mod) imma thinking of selling and has included new soundtracks



    Sound good?:haw:

  6. cause no one can compete with da master

    (unless ur face is full of zits:hurk:)

  7. I have unity already lol.

    I'm starring voice overs now acctually XD

  8. Google a program called unity 3D, it is the program engine we are going to use for the MMORPG, but first we are making a MMORPG that looks like golden sun and were going to need help with some matters such as Music, Dialog, Story line, possibly voice ;D, and skinning, i will post later on the main website you joined earlier.



    Midevele1 (David Teta)

  9. if you go to our website we will upload it eventually

  10. Sorry about the mod.

  11. Betcha your jealous ....

  12. lol part time human, full time nerd ;D

  13. Awsome but playing with java online sucks so i only play a offline disk copy on my cheap laptop---java stuffs everything up in my life:evil3: so i dont play on my desktop computer with java---besides offline is cool!I make my own mods! etc:war mods- plane mods-texture mods--also a star wars mod(not availble either)


    And in my war mod you got arctillery....and flak_(anti- aircraft!):eyepop

    But im still working on a no java version:swear:which in basic...means making a whole new game


    I'm a part nerd:haw:

  14. yep i have my own server

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