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  1. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=208324 This would be cool
  2. yes! This is fantastic. Very assassins-creed-esque
  3. those graphics look stunning. very different from the JK games in that regard, lol... the video does not look like a star wars game though. they're using swords, if im not mistaken. then again, i guess you never claimed it was a star wars game; for some reason thats what i was expecting though. still, it looks pretty cool! its got potential for sure.
  4. as a matter of fact, on that point, i was actually thinking about making all the npcs a lot stronger if i were to implement any kind of super-powered force mod. so hopefully that wouldnt be a problem.
  5. Changing them to the extent that I indicated in the OP, yes. It could kill the fun factor. But I was exaggerating for the sake of illustrating my point. I wouldn't want to make those specific changes -- I just wanted to know if it was possible to manipulate the force powers in that way, so as to sort of customize the gameplay a little bit. Possibly make some TFU-esque force powers that look really dramatic and awesome... You get the idea.
  6. In response to the OP, 2 and 6 could be good. 10 an 11 would be good for sure. 13, 15, 16, 17, and 18 would all be awesome. And 22 and 23 would be fantastic.
  7. Looks like the source code is finally out after all, at long last. EDIT: and before one of the administrators flags me for resurrecting a necro post, let it be said that new information has surfaced since I posted the OP and i am still curious about the original question.
  8. holy crap, this thread blew my mind. i cant believe lucasarts is finished. that hurts. but the JKA source code going public is pretty awesome; its just too bad that its probably too late for most of the big-name modders to care. If they do, this could mean a big boom in the JKA modding community... if not, JKA will continue to die. ...but now we wont have lucasarts to make new games for us all in all, emotions weighed on the scale of logic and practicality, i am more sad about this than happy. this part especially made me glum: "That said, there were good Star Wars games over the years, including the X-Wing series, Jedi Knight/Dark Forces series, Knights of the Old Republic, Rogue Squadron, Battlefront, and others. The future of these franchises is obviously now probably dim." the future of the Battlefront series is dim? that isnt something i ever wanted to hear.
  9. I've never cared much for moddb, and their upload process is complicated, not to mention that the site is mainly meant for incomplete mods... but I just uploaded it here at jkabananas, so that download link might work for you.
  10. hey yall. ive been thinking lately, since ive been getting better and better at guitar, that my pitch is getting better. i can "picture in my mind" the note that any given string on the guitar makes. when i whistle it and then play the string, the notes are the same. so my question is... what would you call that? what is the action of "picturing a sound in my head"? its like visualizing but instead of using my "mind's eye" im using my "mind's ear". i am imagining a sound, not an image. so what would the word for that be? like an audial version of the word "visualize". i feel like there is no word for this, but i think there really should be... and its tearing me apart inside.
  11. Thanks! It's my first mod, so feedback is much appreciated! Constructive criticism is welcome too
  12. hey yall! i created a clone wars conversion mod about a year ago and submitted it to jk3files, but it was never uploaded. i forgot about it for a while, but now i have uploaded it to gamefront and the link is live. so go download it, check it out, and let me know what you think! Commando Academy thanks guys.
  13. ok, so we all know that jk3files is notorious for being a glitchy site, and it takes them forever to upload new submissions. well, i submitted my clone wars mod almost a year ago and it still isnt up. big surprise. so does anybody know of a good filesharing website for me to use instead? EDIT: uploading to gamefront forums now. ill post the link in a new thread once it's up. EDIT2: here you go.
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