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  1. missing textures. make sure you dont have too many mods in your base folder. if there are too many extra textures being loaded before your assets file, this will happen. theres no way to fix it except for removing the extra mods. sorry :/ it kind of sucks but thats all there is to it.
  2. thats pretty much what i meant; the great force physics of TFU plus the lightsaber combat of JK would be a pretty good combination.
  3. Also, i guess this was kind of a pointless thread because honestly i dont really care about their color scheme, it just seemed like that to me. Plus, having a red, yellow, orange and green color scheme makes the warm to cool color ratio 3 to 1. Why is fixer so special? Hahah no kidding i dont really care... But seriously 0.o Anyway i guess the thread wasnt totally useless cuz at least it sparked a discussion about uniforms lol
  4. have you ever played Jedi Academy? Because interestingly enough, Mars_Marshall created a clone skin pack with an armor skin that pretty much exactly describes what you just said. Ill post a screenshot if i get the chance.
  5. if i can only afford one game, should i buy TFU or TFU2? also, i dont have any consoles, just a PC. i heard TFU for PC is an obvious port and therefore kind of choppy, so is it even worth it at all? ive heard mixed reports about the game. some love it, some hate it. i appreciate yalls answers, thanks.
  6. im going to have to agree with alexrd on this one; how can you say the lightsaber is more powerful in tfu when it takes several hits to kill a stormtrooper or rebel soldier, and in JA those mobs are always one-hit kills? however, i do agree that a new jedi knight game ought to have more violent graphics, like the knockback in tfu when you slash someone with your lightsaber. i think thats what made you say "more damage", ham yoyo -- the graphic effects and knockback physics are better in tfu which makes it look like your enemies are getting more beat up by your saber, but technically speaking, the actual dph (dmg per hit) in the jedi knight games was way higher than in tfu. however, back to my point. i think a new jedi knight game could take a few leafs out of tfu's book when it comes to lightsaber/environment effects. a super-powered lightsaber, along with better force powers, would make jk4 pretty damn cool. that being said, i dont want jk4 to be tfu3. i still want the elements of jedi knight, with the awesome graphics and physics that are now available.
  7. i am a little OCD, and i think that delta 38 should have a purple color scheme on his armor, not orange. orange looks too much like red... like delta 07. plus, purple would look cool. like a dark bluish purple.
  8. force heal is awesome but i also really love lightning. i am a raccoon king, personally. but if i have to choose, like in MP, it all depends on my opponents. if i am playing noobs, i go dark side on their butts, because dark side is mainly offensive and i dont need a lot of help surviving against noobs. if i am playing the pros, i stick with the light side cuz i need the extra defensive abilities in order to hold my own with experts.
  9. SO true! it was expected to be good, but it wasnt. its sales can be attributed to the its great predecessors, but once people found out it wasnt that good, sales dropped.
  10. i totally agree; that would have been a really cool premise for a game. i think they really botched what could have been a fun game when they made JKA.
  11. um... yeah. that would. i wouldnt even consider it a JK game if that were the case. lol that would be disgraceful. that is true. the people at lucasarts seem kind of stupid when you put it that way. BFII was a massive success and they could have made millions off a sequel, but they never did. same with the jedi knight series. its a sad shame... smh:disaprove:argh: yeah, for sure. i actually liked the JO plotline and cutscenes; but in JKA seemed like the writers were trying too hard to be funny and witty, and the whole storyline suffered from it because of the lack of attention to creating an actually decent plot. and honestly, i dont think JO was intended for a young audience... JKA definitely was though; think about the difficulty of the levels... JO was definitely harder and the plotline was not nearly as juvenile as JKA. i dont know why they started off so well and then suddenly directed the sequel to younger kids, but youd have to ask someone at LucasArts bout that. anyway, even if it was directed at a younger audience for JKA, i think that due to the massive modding community that has sprung up, the audience is definitely older now, and a more hardcore JK4 would be a better option. a dramatic plotline and a tad more violence, you know?
  12. for anyone who was ever wondering: here is a quick explanation of the rank system here at LucasForums. 0-9: Lurker 10-249: Rookie 250-499: Junior Member 500-749: Forumite 750-999: Veteran +1000: Custom Title 5,000: General 10,000: Crazy Forum Addict 20,000: George Lucas II 25,000: Freak 30,000: Shouldnt-I-Be-A-Moderator-By-Now?
  13. a nice summary of my feelings on the next jedi knight game successor.
  14. definitely true. i loved the mechanics (for the most part) but the storyline was infamously bad.
  15. i actually thought that battlefront 2 had some of the best space combat mechanics of any game ive played. thats just my opinion, but i really liked it.
  16. hey everybody. i wanted to make a thread about this because i had to search the internet forever before i could find an answer, so when i did find the answer, i thought i would share it with anyone who cares to look. in battlefront 2 (and maybe battlefront 1... idk, ive never played) after a battle youll see a screen with all your stats. there will be four columns for each player: stars, crosshairs, skulls, and flags. while some of these might be obvious, some are not. here is an easy key: stars = points crosshairs = kills skulls = deaths flags = captures good luck, have fun, and i hope i could help!
  17. it could just be your screen resolution. did you try looking under the "setup" tab on the main menu? there should be an option there about "video mode". change that to a lower setting (like maybe 800x600 or even 640x400). hope that helps.
  18. editing npc health means that all the other guns will be more powerful too. what if you only want one gun to be more powerful than all the others?
  19. actually, that link you provided was AFTER my post. it does seem strange though, that they would have all those other customization settings for the weapons but not something as simple as damage. thanks for the answer though.
  20. http://www.moddb.com/games/star-wars-jedi-academy/addons/the-sith-stalker http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=file&id=1538
  21. dang, it seems like thats a dead end for a lot of awesome potential modifications. ah well, thanks for the answer!
  22. is possible to edit which npcs are affected by certain force powers and how they are affected? for example, i want to make saber droids and assassin droids force grippable. is this possible or does it require source code changes?
  23. thanks, but i figured out the problem. i had too many alternate NPC files in my base pk3s and it was reading those before it read the assets NPCs so the cutscenes were screwy. thanks tho!
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