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  1. so... I found an easy way to change the rifle fire animation (btw modview works on my computer now). I just went into the animation.cfg and copied the figures for "weaponready4" and pasted them over the figures for "weaponready3". Same with "weaponfire4" and "weaponfire3" now on all the rifles it looks like youre using a scope instead of holding the gun by your hip.
  2. if somebody could open their assets0.pk3 and email me the "music" file thats in there i would really appreciate it. mine got messed up somehow and now when i play the game it messes up the cinematic animations. razorveiw@gmail.com thanks!
  3. now, i know i can edit the amount of ammo and the fire rate in the weapons.dat, but i dont see a line that would allow me to change the power of each shot. for example, if i wanted to make a particular gun an insta-kill machine and boost its power to, say, a billion zillion frillion kajillion, how would i do this? basically, my question is: how do i edit the damage a particular weapon does? ive tried looking in the weapons.dat but there isnt a line for it listed in there. i want to make some guns more powerful but i dont know how.
  4. i completely agree. i got a 14-day free trial for WoW and loved it. but it ended there. i just cant afford MMORPG's, so i dont play them. im sure the old republic will be pretty much the same story for me.
  5. ya thats true; the old republic looks like its gonna be awesome EDIT: ...buuut its waaay too expensive for my budget :/
  6. so true, lol... i hated that level.
  7. lmao very funny. on a related note, one solution i often use to organize .pk3 files is to label important files with a "z" (or sometimes several, depending on importance). for example: "regular-file.pk3" "z_important-file.pk3" "zzz_very-important-file.pk3"
  8. THAT WAS GREAT! was that jar-jar in the carbonite at the end? lol great film! loved it.
  9. https://7680434398233214430-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/badsharkmovies/home/logo/Picture2.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7cqsdfhQ84rt6EDp6PS5cRXL1y9TtJgx_oXgW8RVziDri7T-UNMR007BEql-P0uwkxO2tSwhZlC3BBtLPnIjLN7UCIHeTtx_YgMmUQrxVvl4ZcefgEZ-4Q6UtMyK9Nys-xmxPB2ozoT6vB-AqeNwMWb64rIZUJ8giFc4SNO11ZdIPy4zKjKE_qU0f-W6KdXqj5CZdTde-Q09fvE8_dO9fAA5BjzCiw%3D%3D&attredirects=0 if you like it, ill fill in more detail and maybe add a "bad shark movies" logo if you want...
  10. i dont see the ideas. are they invisible? ill draw something up tho...
  11. the seed that plants hatred in his heart is the killing of his mother by tuskens in AOTC. but i know what you mean; it would have been cool to see a little more background.
  12. revenge of the sith: 10/10 stars what i liked then: plot. easily my favorite plot of all 6 star wars films in the saga. a true masterpiece. perfectly tying in the prequel trilogy and everything leading up to it into the tragic vader story. palpatine. best villain ever? possibly. can you think of a villain who is more of a genius? think about his entire plan that he executed to absolute PERFECTION. he freakin' took over the galaxy and wiped out the entire jedi order in one smooth, seamless, swipe. GENIUS! and evil. very evil. yoda. yoda? YODA? ROTS was easily his best movie. what a fricken badass. nuff said. what i hated then: order 66. i couldnt stand watching all those jedi die. but these days i am mature enough to know that the entire plot would have been shid if they hadnt. it was essential. but still sad. what i like now: obi-wan's hair. much better scenery. mustafar, kashyyyk, coruscant, and all those other places they only showed briefly during the execution of order 66. wow. plot. still my favorite. EVER. wookiees. nuff said. what i hate now: still not much. i give this movie a 10 out of 10 rating for a reason. easily my favorite one of the whole saga.
  13. attack of the clones: 4/10 stars what i liked then: arena scene. those animals were COOL. the acklay, the nexu, and the reek were very well done. my favorite always used to be the reek, but these days i lean toward the nexu. that thing is awesome. dooku. cool villain. and his lightsaber is badass. yoda. HUGE improvement on TPM. HUGE. what i hated then: obi-wan's hair. i know it sounds trivial. but that was a stupid haircut. a really stupid haircut. what was he thinking...? the acting. baaad acting. hayden christiansen was awful. natalie portman wasnt too great either. and since they were pretty much the main focus of the film, it was just... you know, bad. what i like now: cinematography. great fight scenes. great fight choreography for dooku vs anakin and obi-wan, and dooku vs yoda. awesome arena fight with jedi vs droids, and mace windu vs jango fett. scenery. kamino, geonosis, coruscant (zam wessell chase? suh-wEEEt!). love em all. what i hate now: padme/anakin focus. too much development of anakin and padme's relationship. they should have focused more on the story of THE CLONE WARS. pace. too slow-paced for me. the action scenes were good, but there werent enough of them. i know they were trying to develop "padmenakin" but like i said, i didnt much like that either. more clone stuff please.
  14. phantom menace: 7/10 stars what i liked then: special effects. huge improvement on the original trilogy. good combat sequences, good landscapes and scenery. pod race. nuff said. qui-gon jinn. possibly my favorite character in star wars, after obi-wan kenobi. what i hated then: yoda. i have always hated that muppet, and what you said, darth groovy, really struck a chord with me. so annoying. sebulba. i dont know if i hated him or loved him. or if i loved to hate him. every time i saw him break that little thing off of anakin's pod before the race i just wanted to wring his neck. what i like now: storyline. i was young when i first saw phantom menace, so i mostly watched it for the action. but now i realize what a good plot it had; it really set the stage for AOTC and ROTS (which was really the climax of the saga, not ROTJ). qui-gon jinn. still probably my favorite EVER after obi-wan kenobi. sebulba. same reason as stated above. sebulba still pisses me off, but i realize that i dont really hate him, i just... well yeah i guess i hate him, but its more of an enjoyable hatred these days. TPM wouldnt be the same without him. what i hate now: yoda. still cant stand that puppet. his eyes creep me out. nemoidians. same reason i hate yoda, i just never realized before. their lips look so fake when they speak. jake loyd. he was no good, but ive come to expect bad acting from child actors, and i guess you cant blame them... theyre inexperienced by their very nature, after all.
  15. True, the development team had good ideas; but i dont think they even came close to their maximum potential with this game. Dont get me wrong, its a great game; but i think they could have done waaay better if they hadnt been pressed for time. Apparently some contract between lucasarts and one of the developing companies was due to expire so they had to cut like a whole year off the development and release it early before the expiration of the contract. Its a shame really; as good as this game is, think how much better it could have been if they werent rushed at the end because of some dumb contract :/
  16. very true; i totally agree. i have several mods that i definitely enjoy much more than my base JKA game.
  17. and if that doesnt work, give me your email and ill send you an invite to dropbox.com, where i will gladly upload the assets.pk3 file for you to download.
  18. im glad of that! having a thriving JA community last for a long time is definitely a good sign for me, because i love this game! its amazing; and the extent of the modding community for JA far surpasses that of any game i have ever seen before.
  19. when i access the npc files in ext_data, i am able to make changes to all the lines without any problems, except the walkspeed/runspeed lines. when i change those, it doesnt make any difference in-game. the npc speed remains the same, and changing the npc file doesnt affect it. why is this? how can i fix it?
  20. ya i ended up downloading the moddb one anyway; its good! keep it up!
  21. i always thought that jedi academy should definitely have included more swoop levels. one was definitely not enough.
  22. thats awesome! do you know any more swoop combos like that? if so, please share! thats sick; never knew that before... ill definitely be using that from now on. come to think of it, i may have done it accidentally once or twice before... i never realized it was a move... i must have thought it was a probability thing, like saber lock or dismemberment...
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