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  1. too bad that REALLY limits a lot of modding possibilities
  2. YES! i didnt even make the onnection, but now that i think of it, it started happening RIGHT after i installed fraps; thanks katanamaru. (and the jaconfig thing was the very first thing i tried; f12 was only bound to force rage)
  3. are they EVER going to release the SP source code?
  4. is it possible to change force powers? as in, actually changing the effects they have on the environment? for example, increasing the range of force pull and lightning, so that you can pull enemies who are much farther away from you and the lightning extends twice as far, reaching enemies very far away, or increasing the height of force jump, so that you can jump twice as high as you normally do with force jump level 3. i want to change up some force powers and make them more powerful and i need some help. is this possible? and if so, how do i do it?
  5. ok this is weird... when i push f12 and activate force rage, it toggles the yellow numbers in a counter-clockwise cycle around the screen, from top left, to bottom left, to bottom right, to top right, and then finally just off. theyre gone. really weird... idk what that was all about...
  6. hmm... it wasnt cg_drawfps. that didnt work. anyway, that uses white numbers in the top right corner, and these are yellow in the top left -- thanks anyway though; but if it is X-Fire's overlay, how do i disable it? or make it invisible or something? its kind of annoying; ill post a screenshot... how do i upload a screenshot from my computer? when i click insert image, the only option is asking for an URL. i want to browse my hard drive to upload one.
  7. hey this isnt a big deal but recently when i start up JA there are these little boxy yellow numbers in the top left corner the whole time, from the very beginning of the load until i exit the game. how do i get rid of these? they seem to be lower when the game lags (between 0 and 10) and faster when it runs smoothly (up to 95) so im guessing its some kind of FPS thing but i never typed in a command and i cant get rid of them. help?
  8. thanks again katanamaru! where would i be without you? can you use dragon to MAKE new models? if so, how? if not, what programs should i use for that?
  9. how can i customize an model.glm file and still make it use a different animation.cfg? recently, i moved the galen marek player model from the Movie Duels 2 mod (by Wector) into my assets1.pk3. before that, i had moved his backhand lightsaber into my assets, and was confused for a while (you might remember a thread i posted regarding this) because the animations were off, and the backhand saber did not work the same way it did in MD2. soon, i also imported the galen marek player model into my assets1. THEN, i moved a file from the MD2 assets called "_humanoid_galen"... THAT was the secret. after that, the galen player model animations worked, im guessing because the model.glm inside is coded to access the "_humanoid_galen" folder instead of the regular "_humanoid" folder. my question is: how can i access and configure OTHER models (say, luke, for example) to also use the "_humanoid_galen" animations instead of the regular "_humanoid" ones? whenever i open a model.glm file using modview, i am unable to copy or paste or edit any animations with modview. when i open up a model.glm with notepad, its a ton of encrypted symbols and stuff that i cant read. please someone tell me how to modify a model.glm! i want to make it so some new models of mine use the same animations as galen marek from Movie Duels 2. thanks!
  10. they were. i just took the _humanoid_galen folder from the MD2 assets and put it into my own.
  11. it works! thank you katanamaru! thank you inyri forge!
  12. yup; but ive been trying for a long time and ive always had this problem. i just now decided to ask for help, hahaha
  13. hmm, that is all assuming you already have "Gorc" and "Pic" models... if not, the NPC files wont help you much. also, i watched some youtube vids and i now see that Gorc and Pic have orange lightsabers. also, Gorc's is twice as long as a regular lightsaber. if you want, i can tell you how to make his saber longer. just let me know. good luck, again...
  14. irish_texan


    http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=207803 please help me with this thread! i originally posted in "game discussion" but it was moved because of content. however, i know that most people check out "game discussion" more frequently than "editing/modding requests" so im putting a link here because i need help.
  15. you need "pakscape" or "winrar", or the "NPC tool" that you can download at filefront. if you are using "pakscape" or "winrar", open up the "assets.pk3" file in your "base" folder, and click "ext_data". here you should find several folders, including "NPCs" and "sabers". click "NPCs" and then copy and paste one of the files inside (does not matter which one, you are going to be changing it anyway) and paste it somewhere else (outside the extraction program) like say, on your desktop for now. now, open up this NPC file and inside you should see something like this: alora { playerModel alora rank lt saber single_4 saberColor red weapon WP_SABER saberStyle 2 saberStyle 1 health 300 FP_HEAL 0 FP_LEVITATION 2 FP_SPEED 2 FP_PUSH 2 FP_PULL 2 FP_TELEPATHY 0 FP_GRIP 0 FP_LIGHTNING 0 FP_RAGE 0 FP_PROTECT 0 FP_ABSORB 0 FP_DRAIN 0 FP_SEE 0 FP_SABERTHROW 2 FP_SABER_DEFENSE 2 FP_SABER_OFFENSE 2 reactions 3 aim 3 move 5 aggression 3 evasion 4 intelligence 5 hfov 160 vfov 160 playerTeam TEAM_ENEMY enemyTeam TEAM_PLAYER class CLASS_REBORN sex female snd alora sndcombat alora sndjedi alora yawSpeed 120 walkSpeed 55 runSpeed 200 dismemberProbHead 0 dismemberProbArms 0 dismemberProbLegs 0 dismemberProbHands 0 dismemberProbWaist 0 } now, first change the very first line to the name you want. this will be the NPC spawn name. for example, here you could change "alora" to "gorc" and when you are all done you would be able to type "NPC spawn gorc" into the console and it would spawn your new NPC. the next thing you will want to do is change the "playermodel" line to whatever model you are using for "gorc". (you can find this model in the "models/players" folder of your assets.pk3) next, change the "weapon" line to one of these: WP_SABER WP_BRYAR_PISTOL WP_BLASTER WP_DISRUPTOR WP_BOWCASTER WP_REPEATER WP_DEMP2 WP_FLECHETTE WP_CONCUSSION WP_ROCKET_LAUNCHER WP_THERMAL WP_TRIP_MINE WP_DET_PACK WP_STUN_BATON WP_MELEE WP_EMPLACED_GUN WP_BOT_LASER WP_TURRET WP_ATST_MAIN WP_ATST_SIDE WP_TIE_FIGHTER WP_RAPID_FIRE_CONC WP_BLASTER_PISTOL WP_SCEPTER WP_TUSKEN_STAFF WP_TUSKEN_RIFLE WP_JAWA WP_NULL now, i have not played dark forces, so i don't know what weapon "gorc" uses. i will leave that to you. but if its not a lightsaber, you can of course erase the lines that define saber, saber color, and saber styles. when you have finished with that, change the force powers accordingly. again, i do not know who "gorc" is but i am sure you do so set the force powers to level 1, 2 or 3. you can also change force regeneration time and max force power with these lines. if the model you are using has multiple skins (several model.skin files inside it) you can choose a particular one of these by adding a line underneath the "playermodel" line. say the skin is labeled "model_default_gorc2.skin" in your "models/players/gorc" folder (in your assets.pk3). the specific skin would use a line like this: customSkin [>tab>] default_gorc2 next, if the character is female, add a line that says: sex [>tab>] female the "[>tab>]" means press the tab button; do not actually type "[>tab>]". now, i know i probably sound like i am giving directions to a baby, but i am just trying to be clear. i do not know how experienced or inexperienced you are with this stuff, so i am playing it safe. anyway, after you have done this, you can look around and change attributes like health, intelligence, aggression, run/walk speed, etc etc. then, save the file as a different name, and paste it BACK into your "NPCs" folder in "ext_data", using "pakscape" or whatever program you used. if you used the "NPC tool" download from "filefront", it makes all of this automatic, with neat little menus and all that. if you are having trouble, you should probably try that. well, that should do it! good luck.
  16. ive played Galaxies and didnt much care for it; will the Old Republic probably be better? and wasnt there a game called "Knights of the Old Republic"? is that not what this is? was that MMO or just SP?
  17. ok cool i think maybe ill get it. and i thought its been around for quite a long time -- how can it still only be in beta?
  18. thanks a bunch! you are really helpful, katanamaru. BTW: when i said "hunched over" i guess i really meant leaning forward. when i shoot guns IRL, i brace the rifle against my shoulder, place one foot forward and one slightly back, and lean forward into the shot to absorb the recoil.
  19. that looks like a much better pistol animation! (btw, how do you get free camera in game like that? where you can spin around your character?) also, yes... with the posture thing, i guess i worded it wrong, i suppose "posture" wasnt exactly the correct term... but i assumed it would get my point across; i just mean that the way the player looks in the game isnt at all people look like when they actually fire rifles. and you should post a vid of your rifle animation!
  20. nevermind! problem solved! i just (on inspiration i guess) created a .bat file for my Clones Ultima mod, so now when i boot it up i boot straight to Clones Ultima instead of going through regular JA first and clicking mod in the mods tab of the settings menu. now the jaconfig saves and works; i guess it had something to do with loading up the regular JA with regular jaconfig first, and then starting Clones Ultima out of that. that .bat file fixes everything. thanks anyway guys! how do i close a thread?
  21. i had the EXACT same problem until recently! ok the first thing youre going to want to do is look over any programs youve installed before the problem began that may be interfering with the game. if any of them are any type of internet blocking or filtering system, that might be your problem right there. if this isnt it, check your firewall. make sure it allows games, jedi academy in particular. if it does and this isnt the problem, then its likely that you have a faulty or selective internet connection. first, make sure you are connected. then, if you are, try booting up jedi academy while running your internet program (mozilla firefox or internet explorer or google chrome or whatever you use...) if the problem still occurs, its probably the game thats messed up. try uninstalling and reinstalling it, using the "add or remove programs" feature on your windows "control panel". then open up your task-manager (alt + ctrl + delete) and click the "processes" tab. down near the bottom, there should be a box you can check that says something along the lines of "show processes from all users". make sure it is checked. then, end processes that are listed under any of your windows user names. if the user name is "network service" or "local service" or "system", do not end it. also, do not end any processes that say "taskmgr.exe" or "explorer.exe" ...once all the windows user account processes are ended, exit out of the task-manager and, after making sure your internet connection is active and unrestricted, run jedi academy multiplayer. good luck, and i hope that helps!
  22. only 97%? thats a pretty high margin of error. you have any anti-virus software?
  23. yeah i know; i just comment on the off chance that he'll see it some time...
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