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  1. thanks a bunch Raz0r! are you sure theres no way to modify the kata's force drain tho? because it seems like you would be able to, what with being able to modify npc's force regen and all that... but i found out how to get unlimited force by modifying the npc file so it doesnt matter anyway. i can do infinite katas now. thanks!
  2. I actually figured it out. You just have to edit the saber file; quick fix.
  3. here are some cool pistol mods... the first ones a desert eagle; i couldnt find any p99s but the other 3 are some neat blaster models you might like... http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Desert_Eagle_50_Cal;84729 http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Tobes_Modified_CT_Rifle_Pistols;94160 http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/DE10_Blaster_Pistol;38928 http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/DC15s_Blaster;72456
  4. how do i change the alternate attack for a saber from throw to kick?
  5. oh my gosh; when will the full version of this mod come out?! the demo is great!
  6. two questions: one: i know the code "g_speed X" can change the speed of the character, of your player, but is there a way to change the speed of vehicles? (such as swoops, etc) i want to make swoops faster for some race-course maps ive downloaded. two: is there a mod or hack or script that can lower or remove the amount of force power lightsaber katas drain? i love using katas, they make for much cooler lightsaber combats, but i can only use about three in a row before i have to wait for my force power to regenerate. i know i could use "give force" but id rather find a way to re-script the kata so that it does not use force power, and is simply a non-force regular melee attack. thanks guys!
  7. i think it would be pretty sweet to have a jedi-knight-esque game (same engine, gameplay, controls, etc, etc,) but with a totally new storyline, for example: approximately 25,000 BBY when the Jedi Order is first being founded on Ossus, and you ultimately choose between the Unifying Force or the Living Force to guide you on your path to enlightenment or something like that. and instead of advanced lightsabers, the players would use those steel swords augmented by the force used at that time. (wookiepedia it) THAT would be sweet.
  8. agreed, katanamaru. then again, what else is there to a game? hahaha
  9. good question. im posting here so that when someone gets around to answering this i get notified cuz i want to know as well. sorry i couldnt help. EDIT: any updates? i am interested as well.
  10. ok i did that and it led me a room with some rodians and grans in it. i killed those and it unlocked one of the afore-mentioned red-lit doors. the other one is still locked and im still sitting here waiting for the level to end, but apparently theres more to it. im stuck.
  11. when you use the cheat code "iknowkungfu" to gain melee, there are a number of different moves you can perform. one of them allows you to grab an enemy by the head, hold them by the back of the neck, and repeatedly punch them in the stomach until you finally punch them in the face and send them flying backward. this move can be executed by pressing primary fire and secondary fire in rapid succession, in the same way you would perform a lightsaber KATA (see "moves" section in the in-game objectives menu) another move involves your player grabbing the enemys head, and simultaneous slamming his head into your knee while bring your knee up into his face. then you grab him by the ankle and swing him over your head, smashing him into the ground. finally, you swing him over your head and smash his face into the ground again. however, I DO NOT KNOW how to perform this move, and i have only done it accidentally on a number of occasions. being a cheatcode, "iknowkungfu" does now show up in the "moves" section of the ingame objectives menu, so i cannot look up how to do this awesome melee move. if anyone knows how please tell me! along with any other combos you may have come across while using "iknowkungfu". thank you!
  12. when i use this bug in SP, i sometimes show up as just a pair of walking legs instead of invisible. its pretty entertaining.
  13. yeah i agree; theyre really fun games! but Outcast had such an intricate, well-thought-out, serious approach to a plotline, i guess Academy just seemed like a letdown... huh yeah good point. the gameplay is priceless. true. the gameplay is very good; definitely one of the most fun and innovative starwars games for the PC. its just the plot thats sub-par.
  14. and you can also try g_dismemberment 5... alone or with saberrealisticcombat... that might help too.
  15. yeah thats true; i know nothing about C or C++ but that would be cool to learn! i would love to know how to program stuff! thatd be sweet. also on my to-do list: learn HTML. looks like im gonna need a lot of free time...
  16. yeah i was talkin about wectors movie duels. and cool mod, katanamaru! i like it!
  17. thanks a bunch -=*Raz0r*=- i made a new custom assets folder and now i switch it in and out with the regular one. thanks for the advice!
  18. which asset do you want me to email you? the one from Movie Battles or JA? EDIT: i still dont know which asset you want, and this was months ago, so ill just send you both, shall i? EDIT 2: the files were too big to send, so ill just email you instructions on how to do it.
  19. im not sure what you meant there; haha; i didnt really understand the grammar... but if you are looking to bind things, i think katanamaru made it sound like only certain things can be bound to keys through the console. forgive me if im wrong, katanamaru, but thats what it sounded like. truth is, you can bind anything using this simple bind code. even basic aspects of gameplay such as force powers and movement can be bound. for example: bind space +moveup will bind the spacebar to the "jump" command. bind f7 +force_lightning will bind the f7 key to force lightning. just a few hints: the jaconfig file in the base folder should give you some ideas for total control binding. good luck!
  20. me too! sounds like a worthy cause for sure!
  21. i had no idea the battlefront games were as moddable as you guys say... i never even knew they were moddable at all, i dont think! what the heck? sweet! ill have to check that out!
  22. in the base folder. just like i did for the ones that do work, and for all the maps i use for Jedi Outcast. the base folder has always worked before, and i always read the readme files for everything i download, so these are definitely in the right folder. im stumped :/
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