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  1. you could download Movie Duels 2 and extract as many models as you want from the assets folder and put them in your Jedi Acdemy assets. its a long process and slightly complicated if you arent used to modding, and youll need to download pakscape. im not sure how experienced you are with stuff like that, but id be glad to walk you through it if you PM me. then, after youve done all that, make npc files for them like katanamaru said (because they dont come with their own npc files in MD2).
  2. before i saw these answers, i experimented for myself with the Movie Duels 2 mod and managed to move galen mareks saber into my regular Jedi Academy folder. if you guys could, id appreciate help with a new problem i now have: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2778732#post2778732. thanks a bunch guys!
  3. hey guys, recently i managed to extract the galen marek saber and saber stance from the famous "Movie Duels 2" assets folder and place it in my regular old Jedi Academy assets.pk3. it worked perfectly and i was able to play with galen mareks backhand saber in Jedi Academy SinglePlayer. now, i want to see if i can accomplish the same thing with animations. my main concern here is especially the jump animation, as i greatly prefer the much slower and more graceful flip from Movie Duels to the quicker, less elegant looking flip in the original Jedi Academy. however, im having trouble finding the animations section in the assets file. i figured it might have been included in a configuration file so i checked some of those but no luck. if anyone knows where in the assets folder the animations are kept, i would greatly appreciate some insight. thanks!
  4. thanks guys! @-=*Raz0r*=-, ive got 1.01 but im not sure if it worked properly when i installed it; it doesnt seem to have made many differences, but ive reinstalled it and it says its successful so im guessing it works. @katanamaru, which mod is yours? im not sure which ones i have but ive got a few. and where can i download those playermodels you mentioned?
  5. NONE of the backhand saber stance or TFU mods that i try work, and ive tried many. i put them in the base or gamedata folder, according to the readme, and follow the directions carefully, but the backhand mods never work! help?
  6. theres a shaak ti model in the movie duels 2 mod... just make an NPC file for it... ive done that with tons of models from MD2.
  7. definitely awesome kyle skin; WAAY better than his stupid jk2 one. where can i find that?
  8. a majority of the maps i download for jedi academy contain that weird gray and white checkered texture instead of the ones they are meant to have. some are worse than others, with the whole map being replaced by this texture, while others have certain objects or areas filled with it. im not sure what this texture is, but im guessing its a default of some sort that displays when the correct texture cannot be found or is messed up. is there a way i can fix this?
  9. amazing idea. this should definitely have been the storyline. you should have pitched this to lucasarts whether you worked there or not. as it is, since they already made TFU2, you should pitch them this idea and ask them to use it in a new star wars game. i would play it for sure! i love games with great plots, and your idea for a storyline was certainly great.
  10. i downloaded dash rendar resurgence and so far its great. but after i completed the objective "locate the missing cargo" (after you get into the big hangar and take the elevator down to the "basement" where the tenloss disruptor rifles are) and i get the disruptor, there are two doors in the basement with green lights on them (symbolizing theyre unlocked) when i go into the one on the left, its a bunch of imperials in a control room and after i kill them the control room is a dead end. no other doors, no switched to press. so i go back out into where the disruptor rifle cargo is and take the door on the right. this leads to two more doors, both of which have red lights on them (symbolizing theyre locked)... any help please?
  11. ya you're probably right... i havent played that level in forever... i always had a problem on the very last level after you go into the room with the three mirrors and see desanns reflection... then you go left and put out the fire by breaking the pipe. then you go down and fall through the floor. after that, theres supposed to be a false "no clipping" wall that takes you to the hallway. but when i played, the wall WAS clipped and i couldnt get through. dumb right? anyway, this probably belongs in a seperate thread. my bad. hmm... i havent played Jedi Outcast SinglePlayer in a while, since i beat the game i just go back occasionally and play my favorite maps... but mostly i play MultiPlayer these days... maybe i should go back and try it out again...
  12. is it just me or are the jedi academy cutscenes super cheesy compared to jedi outcast? too many side jokes, too much tongue-in-cheek. it gets old. i much preferred the jedi outcast plot.
  13. ok i sent it to filefront and im waiting for it to be processed. then ill post a link. EDIT: alright i just uploaded it to lucasfiles too... still waiting for the link, then ill post it here. EDIT 2: ok so i havent gotten the links for my uploads on those two sites yet... but i found this: http://www.massassi.net/levels/files/2430.shtml
  14. good lyrics. bad singing. missing parts of the song. lots of potential if adopted by a professional. like weird al for example.
  15. if i knew how to upload files onto lucasforums, i would, because i have saberist 1.2
  16. i agree with tinny. gameplay is most important. then storyline. then modding factor.
  17. have you tried mind tricking the guard inside that little room? he might come out and unlock it for you.
  18. ya its a good mod; its a simple conversion of the regular single player game. same cutscenes. different plot. artistic.
  19. agreed, wholeheartedly. also, i noticed lucasforums has an emoticon for nodding but not shaking head. if i could shake my head here, i would. battlefront 2 multiplayer is retarded; especially the noobs who hang out and snipe. ALL DAY. how is that even fun...?
  20. wtf?! lucasarts = starwars! starwars = lucasarts! how can you seperate the two?! what does that even mean? how and *why* would they do that?!
  21. i dont have this indiana jones game... but i dont have any consoles; is it for pc?
  22. haha yeah really... were they handing out free copies of the games before JO? i must have missed out.
  23. where can i DL this demo? is this it? http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-order-66
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