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  1. yeah nizwiz is right. if you want a very minor walkthrough for this little part, read on. *SPOILER* all you have to do is this: when the level first starts, there should be an arch either in front of you or to your left. walk through it and there should be a square garbage pit on your left. past that, still on your left, is the wall of a building. over to the right, when facing this wall, is a wide, deep chasm and near the edge is a door. go inside (youll be in a bar) and watch the cutscenes. then youll get your weapons back.
  2. touche, DeadYorick, touche...
  3. i wanna play multiplayer too! but its all dedicated servers with bots so its super boring... anyone wanna play me? i play regular outcast, jedimod, promod... cheats enabled, cheats disabled... whatever floats your boat! i just wanna play with humans instead of these stupid bots! EDIT: i like servers with a lot of chat. there are two kinds of gamers: those who like to chat while they play, and those who keep to themselves and just play the game. i am the kind who likes to chat. if theres no talking, it really doesnt feel any different from playing bots to me. so if anyone wants to play me, just know that i like a good conversation during the fight. kind of like those cheesy old superhero comic books! i can still picture spiderman saying something annoying and sarcastic while the bad guy tried to kill him. always annoyed the heck out of me but to be honest, thats pretty much me during multiplayer games! lol anyway, i think we should get a game going! ill email some people and see if i cant get a good server going.
  4. i did try right clicking; they wont empty... it stinks cuz promod looks really cool but i can only play as jedi, not as mercs. too bad; i feel like nobody plays jedi outcast anymore and im about 10 years late asking these questions...
  5. the only multiplayer games i can find on the server list for jedi outcast are dedicated servers with bots... no humans! its really annoying... anyone wanna play some time?
  6. oh my gosh wow right after i posted this i tried MP and it worked... after lk 5+ years of trying... weird. sorry again guys haha
  7. probably should have started a new thread for that... sorry guys...
  8. im glad people still use these forums for jedi outcast... haha i figured since it was lk a 10+ year old game id be the only one in the world still playing it but its good to know there are other jedi outcasts out there. i just wish people still played multiplayer! whenever i play MP and go to "join server" there are 0 servers running. i have a perfect internet connection so im guessing that means nobody plays it anymore...
  9. yeah i actually found out recently that jedi academy was an uncompleted game that they had to release earlier than they expected because lucasarts contract with some company expired a few weeks after jedi academys release. hmm... that explains the rushed and incomplete feeling we got when we played jedi academy as opposed to jedi outcast...
  10. irish_texan


    and i doubt you need tips since this was posted in 2009 and im replying in 2011... haha but i been playin since like 2004 so what the heck... if you still want tips or wanna have a mp match, let me know...
  11. irish_texan


    if you download promod or mercmod they allow you to get up to rank 4 in force powers for mp
  12. mods go in GameData not base. yes this is true. unless its a stand-alone pk3 file (like a single skin or model) in which case it DOES belong in base, and you can just move it out of the base folder when you dont feel like using it...
  13. try pakscape instead of winrar: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Pakscape;31681 also, here is a good forum for NPC editing: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/info/NPCTutorial_expand#2096522 also, something ive discovered: you cant edit the files directly with pakscape or winrar; it wont save your changes. you first have to cut and paste them somewhere else (outside of the pakscape/winrar window, say... on your desktop) and edit them there. then, when you are finished editing, you can cut and paste them BACK into the pakscape/winrar window.
  14. imperials: impofficer (gold) impcommander (black) imperial (gray) reborn: rebornboss (red) rebornfencer (blue) rebornacrobat (green) reborn (orange) stormtroopers: stofficer rockettrooper staltofficer stormtrooper
  15. I am unable to attain level 4 in ANY weapons skill, because Force Jump, Saber Attack, and Saber Defense are all automatically "Rank 1" with 0 points. Will this bug be fixed? Its really annoying; I can't use the Jetpack or any Level 4 weapons/gadgets. Please help; if I can fix this on my own, let me know! If not, please fix this bug.
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