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  1. I've been going around these posts for the last day or so and the one thing that pops out is that there is just too many posts in The Valley of the Jedi. There is R E A L L Y to many posts. It's great and all, but because you (the admins) have blocked the Search function on the forum, It is almost impossible to find something fast enough. (note : I guess with the heavy load of people going thru the forum, disabling this function reduces CPU load on the servers) Anyway, my suggestion is : what about making better sections for JKII.net . Something that help people navigate faster on the forum (thus generally saving CPU and RAM on servers). Here's just a few sections that would be better of seperate from the general posts : bugs, Free-for-all [spammers paradise], SP, MP, Clan, ... anyway... great job moderating!
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