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  1. Tfp have u tried modeling Homer with primitives? Geospheres etc? I can knock up a quick one if u would like? maybe it would help in ur approach to ur Homer... I can make a quick headfile up over the weekend maybe and mail it to u so u can browse it at ur leisure and maybe in corparate some of the techniques. Only a suggestion, not knocking u...feel u may need some helpful encouragment lol Hindy
  2. well this is an amusing thread! Oh well i would say TFP keep doing what ur doing, by experiementing with meshsmooth u ll learn another part of max and its pro's and cons. Thats gotta b a good thing right? I have to agree that Meshsmooth can b very nasty to use altho i did use it ontop of a low poly cage on my newer med poly models...c my thread... but i used MS on a car not so long ago and it was a horrible experience, the creases insteading of staying straight want to turn into a big ball!! But i eventually defeated it Everyone has their own techniques and im sure they have developed these through experimentation. /ramble over Hinch MIA
  3. Im still here! Im working on my modeling show reel tho and i wasnt happy with Leia's face so im gonna scrap it and start again. Because there is quite a lot of work to be done i carried on with portfolio images such as these: So im a busy guy right now Hindy
  4. Mesh is complete, just finishing a couple of over projects then i ll get on with skin mapping this hindy
  5. Hmmm i have been staring at this for a while trying to think of some feedback but the actual pics make the shape look very deceptive, my inital thought was the cockpit was way out but then i looked again and the texture decieves the eye on the real pics...good luck tho, modeling aint easy to get started with Hindy
  6. Hindy

    WIP: Bol

    oh well i tried If u need any more screenies lemme know my toon is on dant now, there r variants also Seething Bol Crusher being the largest Hindy
  7. Hindy

    WIP: Gollum

    Are the bloody sounds done yet? being done whatever? Man this project should have been done and dusted last year
  8. Hindy

    WIP: Bol

    The Yeti Ranc u saw was prolly a Gorax, its a rare creature...u could prolly sell the waypoint for a couple of 100k to 1mil On ur render the tops of the legs look chunky, did u extrude them or something? anyways whack on a meshsmooth mod with 0 iterations then a edit mesh on top and collaspe to the edit mesh then ur edges will all look nice for when u show them to us Hindy
  9. Lmao! really? i been away a long time....11k Polys ****! i could have a meshsmoothed Leia for that! I ll stop worrying then 3.3k will do nicely...11k lol
  10. Hey Scout I was gonna send u the maps yesterday whilst i was working on another project but i started tweaking today and havent stopped, she has real eyes now which im perfecting this moment, then i ll refine and optimize the mesh before sending u the skins... The mesh is nearing completion which is less than a weeks work im getting faster at least, I ll hopefully get some more screens up in a few Wow! somebody obviously wasnt watching the polycount too much the body came in a respectable 1524 Polys (was quite pleased, budgeted 1500) then i looked at the head... omg 1808 with proper eyes! the eyes r adding close to 400 polys to the head. I can either use less smoothed spheres for eyes OR go with the 3340 current count, the eyes r the cause for going over budget
  11. No slit on either side...
  12. Matt if ur right good job pal! i dont remember seeing a slit but i ll stick on my dvd and have a quick looksie, brb Hindy
  13. Eventually im working thru the film outfits... So the gold bikini will come later.
  14. Here as promised is the latest incarnation of Leia, the face hasnt been touched yet but i started to optimize and tweak the body Errors to b fixed 1. Boot looks too flat on the inside edge DONE 2. Need to form a breast still! 3. Shoulder needs pulling to a rounder shape DONE If u can c anything else with the body plz reply Hindy
  15. erm what happened to the images? Oh well working on the finishing touches of the mesh which is sitting below the 3k poly mark at the mo without me optimizing the mesh, beleive its 2992 woot 8 polys to spare I ll post another image in an hr or 2, then u can lemme know what u think Hindy
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