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  1. Hello, guys. This is my first of many posts to come. Please, tolerate my noobness and my broken english! So, I've played until the Taris cantene (sp?) only the grasp the game basics, and I fell I'm gonna love this game. I know already that I will do two playtroughs, one for Dark and another for Light. The first time, I'm gonna stick with a female DS Scout/Consular. For the second playtrough, I may play a male LS Soldier/Guardian. So, I need to clear a few things before I start my definitive run. My doubts mostly concern the character creation. 1 - Which makes a better Duelist, Soldier or Consular? I want to make one Jedi single lightsaber, even tough I've read Two-Weapon is better. 2 - How much WISDOM should I pick for both Consular and Soldier? I suppose WIS is the main Consular atribute, so should I max it at creation (18), or 15 is good enough? Is 12 a fair score for Soldiers? 3 - Despite Consulars being casters, I want to rock with sabers, too. How should I distribute the stats accordingly? I came up with something like this, please rate it: STR 16 (For Melee damage) DEX 8 (useless?) CON 12 (leftovers) INT 10 WIS 15 (+5 from Lvl Ups) CHA 14 (I hear it sucks on it's own, but it's good for Force powers) 4 - Which skills should I pick besides Treat Injury, Repair (for HK47) and Persuade? How much of Awareness? That's it for know. Please, let me know what you think!
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