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  1. I heard there is a saber mod converter that converts the saber mods from KOTOR to TSL but I can't seem to find it. Only reason is because Darth Maul's Lightstaff mod for KOTOR is really good.
  2. I know there is a Darth Maul lightsaber for TSL but the hilt doesn't really look like Darth Maul's. I forgot where but I read somewhere that that was a mod converter that converted KOTOR saber mods to KOTOR II saber mods. I like Darth Maul's Light Staff in KOTOR but is there any way to convert it to TSL? Thanks!.
  3. I have been looking everywhere for a Darth Maul Skin for TSL but I can't find one anywhere. I think the only one was Paragon's but all the links to the mod are now broken. The mod included a head that looked just like Darth Maul's and a portrait of Darth Maul. Does anyone have this mod???? Thank you!
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