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  1. Minions of Asgard is a Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars The Old Republic gaming guild. We have been around since 2005 and was owned by Tyrsrath up until it was taken over by Maguild from 2007 onwards. Minions of Asgard origionally came from Guild Wars, it wanted to expand into a new, fresh game right from scratch. Star Wars The Old Republic was the best choice! Originating from the original Guild Wars game, we plan to open up into both GW2 and SWTOR to try a slice of all they have to offer. Whether it be doing PvP based activities like Warzones; battling with your fellow minions against the savage enemies in Operations, questing throughout the world, gathering ingrediants for your crafting needs or simply hanging around the cities chatting with the locals. Whatever it is, Maguild will be doing it! There are some requirements for joining this guild which I will point out below: Activity - We would like that you are both active in-game and on the Maguild forums. Team player - When we set out to do something as a group, we require that you play your part and not leave your fellow guild members to do it on their own. Speak English - When talking in the guild chat, you must remain to speak English only. Loyal - When you join us we want to to join our family, so loyalty is a key part of the guild. Trainable - we expect you to have a steady learning curve so we can eventually beat the endgame content. Good attitude - We want only friendly and helpful people to join us who can have a good laugh and enjoy the game. Responsible - Remember if you sign up for something or have something you need to do in the guild, we do want to to do it! If you are interested in joining us please visit our website and fill out an application. If you are still unsure, feel free to pop over to the site and message Maguild with any extra questions you may have.
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