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  1. Tatooine

    Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout


    Zothressk stood with the tusken raider hunting party and listened to the stories of their encounters. The jedi, was currently tied up in a prison cell. They talked about battles with sand beasts and with other tusken hunting parties from different tribes. The tusken leading their hunting party, Haruuugh, held up a broken gaffi stick and laughed, comparing it to his vibroblade made by Zothressk.


    Somewhat of a small smile appeared over Zothressk's face. He was proud of the victories his weapons were bringing to the tuskens. In truth, he had grown rather fond of the tusken tribe, but he knew he would have to leave soon. I've already spent too much time on tattoine. He thought to himself, With every day that passes the empire roots out more and more of the remaining republic survivors.


    Just then Haruuugh started talking about their short encounter with the "shining blade". "The human managed to kill four of my comrades, but in the end, she was no match for us, or your stealth generators Zothressk." Haruuugh said. One of the other tuskens held up the lightsaber, and asked, "What should we do with this? Should we give it to the chief?" Haruuugh shook his head. "No, we are the ones who captured the human, we should keep the shining blade." He said, snatching the lightsaber from the other tusken.


    "Perhaps you should let me hold on to it," Zothressk spoke up, "I bet I could do some major upgrades on that." Haruugh thought about this, then nodded. "Excellent idea Zothressk, you can improve anything you lay your hands on." He agreed, handing over the lightsaber. "If it's not too much trouble, I need to speak to the prisoner." Zothressk said, hooking the lightsaber to his belt. "You'll have to talk to the chief about that." Haruuugh said, "Why would you want to speak to the human anyway?"


    "Thats my business Haruuugh, good luck with your next hunt." Zothressk said, starting to walk towards the large tusken meeting room where the chief currently was.

  2. Two Days Before.


    The Eastern Dune Sea


    A dark smile appeared over Kelarra's face. Executing her plan perfectly, she had manged to draw the imperial officer Kyral, far out into the Eastern Dune Sea with less then a dozen men with him. She took her lightsaber from her belt and prepared herself.


    From behind the slabs of sandy rocks, she watched Kyral and his stormtroopers march across the sand, waiting for them to get close enough to spring her attack. Only A little farther imperial scum, She thought to herself. You're walking straight to your death.


    Igniting her lightsaber, she leaped over the rocks and sent a rippling force wave towards the group of stormtroopers, sending them flying backwards. She landed beside two of them and cleaved through them both before they could do anything. Kyral tried to draw his blaster, but was picked up with the force and thrown into one of the stormtroopers trying to stand up.


    Two other stormtroopers had stood up and managed to fire their blaster rifles, which she deflected right back towards them. One of them was quick enough to duck, the other less agile one collapsed to the ground, dead. Kelarra picked the other one up and yanked him forward, slicing him in two as he flew by. Looking to the left, she saw all of them on their feet except for Kyral and the stormtrooper he had smashed into.


    She charged them, deflecting their blaster bolts side to side. The bodies of four more stormtroopers hit the sand. The remaining trooper pushed Kyral off of him and stood up, firing at the jedi repeatedly. Kelarra defended against the barrage, and then threw her lightsaber at him, finishing off the last one. Catching her lightsaber, she then turned to Kyral.


    Kyral was already dead. He lay face down in the sand, a smoking hole was in the back on his uniform. She looked up to see four Tusken Raiders Charging and shouting at her, with vibroblades. Sand people, great. She thought to herself. She went into a defensive stance and waited for them. Before reaching her though, the tusken raiders stopped, one of them drawing something from a pouch, threw it at her.


    Is that a....Grenade? Since when did sand people have explosives? She wondered, as she grabbed the grenade with the force and tossed back towards the tusken raiders. The explosion killed two of them, the other two ran towards her in rage. She cut them both down with ease, then tried to sense for more enemies.


    Sensing something behind her she spun around to defend herself. Nothing. By the time she noticed the shimmer it was too late, a green energy bolt had appeared out of thin air and stunned her. She colasped to her knees and then hit the sand, the last thing she saw before she blacked out was a tusken raider deactivating a stealth field generator.



    Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout


    Zothressk sat alone in the dark, working at his desk. The only light he had to work by was the sparks his own tools made when they made contact with scraps of metal. The trandoshan didn't consider this a bad thing, he actually prefered it. He had been with the Tusken Raider tribe a little over a month now, and had become a close ally to them.


    Their deal worked like this, Zothressk supplied them with better weapons and equipment, and they supplied him with a safe hiding place, and place to work. And it was working really well so far. The only problem was that the materials he could find on tatooine weren't that great, so he couldn't make anything top notch. His most recent weapon he had made for the sand people was a high powered sniper rifle, equiped with his new UD silencer.


    Zothressk layed the scopes he had been working on aside and hissed. It pained him that his once great weapon company was now in the hands of the empire. Pulling out his datapad he jotted down an new idea for his special project he was working on. "This is taking far too long." He said outloud to the empty room.


    He looked up from his datapad as he heard the sounds of Tusken Raiders giving shouts of praise and victory grunts. Setting his datapad down, he stood up and walked out of his room to see what all the commotion was about. A tusken raider hunting party had just come in and were telling of their encounters, one of them had a knocked out human slung over his shoulder.


    The brown robe the human was wearing made him suspicious, but the lightsaber another tusken was carrying confirmed it. This person the sand people had captured was a jedi.

  3. "It's Zarev. Something happened to him and now he's using his force powers against us. He's already taken out our laser cannons and now he's trying to take out our concussion missle launchers."


    "Zarev's attac-" Corsail was interrupted by the ship lurching sideways sending him flying off the chair he was in. He grunted in pain as he slammed agianst the ships floor. Looking up he saw Zarev outside sending waves of wreckage and debris towards the Shan.


    Seeing Avriela standing on the ships ramp he unholstered one of his blasters.

    "Hey Sith!" he shouted, "Use this!" He tossed her the blaster and unholstered his second one, just incase.


    He tried to take aim with it but he was in a very bad angle and position. Just then Traver stumbled in. Where has he been all this time? He wondered.

  4. NAME: Kelarra

    AFFILIATION: Formally a member of the Jedi Order

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 27

    SPECIES: Human

    APPEARANCE: Light brown eyes with crimson brown hair. She let her hair grow longer down the left side of her face to cover up major burn wounds.

    WEAPONS: Modified single bladed orange lightsaber. Small blaster pistol equiped with a Zothressk's Tech UD (ultra dampener) silencer.

    EQUIPMENT: Torn up, stained, dark brown jedi robe.

    OCCUPATION: Resistance assassin.

    HISTORY: Kelarra was devastated at the loss of the jedi order. She herself had nearly been killed and barely escaped with her life. While forced into hiding, she craved vengence and planned ways to strike back at them, meeting with others who had similar desires. Rebuilding the republic was one of the farthest things from her mind. She just wants the New Galactic Empire to burn, and is willing to do anything within her power to achieve that goal.



    NAME: Zothressk

    AFFILIATION: Remnants of the Galactic Republic

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 39

    SPECIES: Trandoshan

    APPEARANCE: Reddish orange scales with red reptilian eyes.

    WEAPONS: Heavily modified Zothressk's Tech blaster rifle.

    EQUIPMENT: Green vest outlined with minor blaster reflectors. A sealed durasteel case holding his necessary tools required for his work.

    OCCUPATION: Weapons Dealer

    HISTORY: Zothressk's Tech was one of the Galactic Republic's best weapon companies. Zothressk was in charge of the company and became very popular among the soldiers for his work. After the New Galactic Empire took over he was offered a deal to start making weapons for them. Zothressk refused and fled while the rest of the company stayed to serve the empire. After that he was declared a traitor to the empire and a bounty was placed on his head.

  5. Corsail had no idea what was going on, and was starting to black out again from the pain. He shook his head to try and clear his vision so he could see what all the shouting and sounds of blaster fire was about.


    "Whats going on? Who's attacking us?" He asked, as he failed to stand up.


    Wonderful, i'm completely useless. Were under attack and i'm too wounded to do anything. He thought to himself.


    "He's starting to attack our concussion missle launcher! If one of them detonates we might not make it out of here!"


    "That's a comforting thought." he mumbled as his vision grew hazy again.

  6. With some effort, Corsail pulled himself up into a nearby chair.


    "The republic solders were attacking us and the base was locking up. With all that was going on...I must have forgotten to get him out of the kolto tank."


    Corsail blinked. "Why were the republic soldiers attacking you in the first place? Was the entire outpost working for the empire?"

  7. "You think you could start the speeder?"


    Corsail flinched as if the task sounded impossible, "I'll try." he said as he desperately struggled to stand up. Every bone in his body screamed at him, making him collaspse back down to the side of the speeder.


    "Aghh!" He squinted his eyes shut, trying to block out the pain. He placed his hands on the rails of the speeder and tried to pull himself up. "Here comes more pain." he mumbled under his breath.


    He threw himself over the rail and landed in the speeder with a thud. Before he had time to feel the pain he quickly reached the activation switch and turned it on.


    "It's on! Get in the blasted speeder and lets get out of here!"

  8. "You all right? You don't look so good."


    Corsail raised an eyebrow at this question. Very few people had ever asked him that, and even fewer actually ment it.


    "No, not really. The wounds will heal if thats what you're asking. The wounds always heal eventually, but i'm the kind of guy who will never be alright."


    He closed his eyes and let out a sigh, "You the one who killed the sith? I mean like, actually killed him? I was half expecting him to be invited to our ship to join our mission." He grinned, "Heh, like we would ever actually let a sith join us...."

  9. When Corsail opened his eyes, he sensed the battle was over. With great effort, he struggled to sit up, using the speeder beside him as a prop. "Arghh! I feel like a rancor stepped on me....Twice."


    He looked over where the group was standing, beside the dead sith lord, or at least he hoped he was dead. Apparently, some help arrived after I passed out. He thought to himself.


    "When did you two decide to join the party?" He asked, directing his question toward Light.

  10. Corsail had one moment of relief from the barrage of lightning, but before he could make a move he was picked up through the force and thrusted into the canyon wall. He flew through the air and smashed into the rocks, and before he even hit the ground he was thrown at another wall, and another, and another.


    Corsail smashed into the ground, still clinging to his fathers lightsaber. In pain, Corsail stood up on one knee. His chest felt like it was caved in, and he could barely breathe. The sith looked half distracted with himself, but he knew that he didn't stand a chance alone.


    Focusing on the rocks that were trapping Varik, Corsail summoning all his strength projected a rippling force wave that smashed into the rock pile.

    Completely drained, Corsail collapsed to the ground unconscious.

  11. Corsail felt him coming and spun around to face his enemy, however he wasn't expecting a blue arc of lightning heading towards him. Caught off guard, the force of the lightning sent him stumbling backwards, tripping over the rocks.


    "Arghh!" he cried out in pain as the lightning burned through his skin. In pain, Corsail tried desperately to use his lightsaber stop the incoming waves of crackling death. Catching hold of the arc, he redirected it into the cayon walls.

    With his free hand he snapped one of his blasters from out of its holster and fired three rapid shots towards the deadly sith lord.


    He knew his blasters probably wouldn't do any damage, but he had to do something to interrupt the siths endless assault.

  12. "MOVE!!"


    Corsail used Variks push as a force of momentum to thrust himself as far as he could. He escaped the main force of the rockslide, however a few rock slabs smashed against his shoulders. The impact from rocks sent him smashing into the dirt.


    He let out a groan of pain and tried to stand up. "My bones feel liked there cracked. You alright?" Just then he realised that Varik wasn't with him.


    He quickly turned around to look at the huge pile of rocks behind him.


    Was he crushed? He wondered.


    "Corsail, help. I'm being crushed down here."


    Corsail was surprised by the sudden noise his comlink gave off. He quickly snatched it up and answered. "Varik? Hold on i'll dig you out." The thought crossed his mind that he could let Varik die, but he dismissed the thought and instead, started digging away at the huge rock pile.


    He grabbed his fathers lightsaber from his pouch and activated unleashing its yellow blade. He used it to slash through the rocks, making them crumble away into little pieces.


    "I can't believe i'm doing this." He mumbled to himself as he slashed away at the rock pile.

  13. "I don't like this planet. Too much canyon. Reminds me of Korriban.", Varik said to himself. "What do you think we'll find?".


    "I have no idea, but I..." he took a short pause, then continued, "I feel something very dark nearby, I'm not sure what it is.


    Corsail looked around at the canyon walls, trying find anyone that might be watching them, but even with Varik's lightsaber ignighted it was still almost impossible to see much of anything.


    "Maybe we should have-" A large explosion high on the canyon walls sent boulders and hundreds of rock fragments down towards them.


    "Look out!" he shouted as the rockslide came crashing towards them.

  14. "The sooner we get this done, the sooner Zarev and Per'dra could do whatever the hell they're trying to do.", he said aloud, shaking his head. "I just want to get out of here. I want to do something, not sit around all day."


    Corsail almost decided to jab at Varik about how jedi were supposed to have patience, but insted, he just remained silent.


    "Well, thats whats going to happen, if Zarev decides he wants to wait for Kif to heal."


    As they drove on something occurred to him, "We should stop here, if there is an enemy ahead we don't want to alert him by driving up with this loud speeder, wouldn't you agree?"

  15. "It's only a few kilometers away. At the most, I'm expecting an entire base. At the least, a small outpost. I think a specific person is blocking out the signal - most definitely a Dark Jedi, but I'm not sure."


    "Fine, lets go see what it is, and if possible, eliminate it."


    Corsail holstered the blaster he was holding and followed Varik out of the outpost. He looked over at his speeder and remembered the destroyed engine.


    "My speeders engine is completely fried, which one are we taking?"

  16. "Two per blaster will do, right? So four total."


    "Correct." He said, as Varik walked up.


    "I'm going to go scout around and eliminate the source of the signal jamming, you two are free to join me, if you wish."


    "Whats the matter? Scared the sith might get you if you wander out by yourself?"


    "I have stuff I need to do. Corsail was just looking for something to do though.


    "I'm just ready to get back to the mission, and this just seems like a waste of time. If I had it my way, we would have dropped off the twilek in the medbay and left by now."


    "What are you expecting to find out there anyway? And how far away is it?'

  17. "I'm not very familiar with blaster technology. Energy packs... What do they look like again? And do you need a certain kind?"


    Corsail unholstered one of his blasters and pulled the energy pack out, "This is what an energy pack looks like, this kind is pretty common, and i'd be suprised if a military outpost like this doesn't carry any extra."


    He placed the energy pack back into the blaster and locked it in, "They don't have to be the same kind as I have now, they just need to be compatible with my DTB-27Bolt blaster pistols, which should be mostly anything, as long as you can tell the size difference from a blaster pistol and a blaster rifle energy pack."


    He entered the room where Zarev and some of the others were and stopped.


    "Still wasting their time I see." He said in a low voice.

  18. "Do you need anything? I'm going to see what I can do to get supplies for the group, so I'll ask them in a bit."


    Yeah, I could use two million credits. He thought to himself. "I guess I need some extra energy packs for my blasters if you can get any, I was running low."


    Corsail started towards the outpost entrance, "I'm going to see how long they intend to stay here."

  19. "I wouldn't worry about it. Give it to the Republic soldiers for scrap. We can either procure a new one while we wait for Kif to get better, or there will be enough seats if we leave him here."


    "I don't think we have any time to wait for Kif to heal, if we don't get back to the mission we'll lose Voleran again." Corsail turned to look at the entrance to the outpost, "Someone jammed our signal, which probably means the enemy knows where we are."


    "Maybe you should help Zarev waste time looking for where it's coming from, thats what everyone else is doing."


    He turned and looked out into the darkness, "I can't shake the feeling that someone is watching us."

  20. "I don't, but that's the reason I don't belong to their Order. We disagreed on some of the key points. I'm still good friends with some of them, but I tend to follow my own moral code."


    Corsail nodded, "Thats what I thought, you took their training, then abandoned the jedi order."


    You know, that thing looks more messed up than when I pushed it. Have you been banging on it? That tube shouldn't be falling out like that. Do you know what you're doing?"


    Corsail felt insulted, he'd been flying his star ship for years and had done some pretty major repairs on it, for someone to assume that he didn't know what he was doing with a speeder angered him.


    "Yeah, that happens when you drive a half broken speeder at top speed. And also, it's kind of hard to do repairs in total darkness." Just as the words left his mouth the engine completely blew out, sending sparks flying in different directions.


    Corsail snapped his blasters out of thier holsters in a split second out of reflex, then quickly holstered them again after he realised what had happened. "You have got to be joking!" he crouched back down beside the speeder to take a look.


    "Great, now I need a whole new engine for this thing."

  21. "Hey, everything alright? Do you need a hand?"


    Corsail looked up from the busted speeder he was working to see who had just walked up. What do you care if i'm alright? he thought to himself.


    "I'm fine." He said through gritted teeth, "And no I don't need help with this blasted speeder." Though he realised those words probably sounded pretty stupid if Light was paying any attention to the condition the engine was in.


    "I do have a question though, do you follow the jedi code?"

  22. "We are here because Kif is badly injured and requires medical attention. Or have you forgotten? If you have a problem with this mission feel free to take it up with me after Kif gets medical care!"


    Corsail scowled Zarev, "And have you forgotten the reason Kif is in this condition is because one of our own crew?"


    He let out a short sigh, "I just don't think we should stay here too long, if Kif is going to have to stay for awhile we need to leave him here and continue the mission. We can alway pick him back up after they fix him up."


    "Corsail, you're really making me want to drive a spike through your head.",


    "Why don't you just try it? I'm sick of you and your stupid jedi code that you don't even follow! I wish every jedi would just drop-" He cut himself off.


    "Nevermind, i'm going outside to see if I can patch up that speeder." He left the outpost and walked up to the busted speeder, he could barely see anything because of how dark it was, but he tried to make a few minor repairs anyway.

  23. "Something is jamming the signal either here or at the other end. I can't tell."


    Of course it got jammed, republic security is pathetic. He thought to himself.


    "I wouldn't be suprised at all if it was from our end, for every loyal soldier comes three more traitors."


    "And why are we even here? Voleran already has a huge head start on us, if we don't get moving we'll loose him again."

  24. Corsail managed to land the busted speeder without crashing it into anything, however the speeders engine was in extremely bad condition. He hopped off the speeder and walked up beside the rest of the group.


    "I'm...Sorry Jedi Zarev but I cannot allow you access to this facility. We have an important meeting going on right now between the Republic and the Balmorran resistance."


    Corsail rolled his eyes, "You have got to be kidding me, we don't have time for this." He turned to Zarev, "I'm ninety percent sure that no one will care if you run this guy through."

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