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    I'm Mandalore, the one after Canderous but before the Wookieepedia one. Oh, and I'm actually 1366x768.
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    Empire at War:Thrawn's Revenge
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  1. I occasionally log in, but having to run around doing every single little errand for an Empire I hate purely to get to the level I need to progress my class storyline just gets dull.
  2. Next time it's on sale on Steam, I'll get it for PC (I have it on PS2, but modding makes PC better), so I may be able to help revitalise.
  3. I came here from Deadly Stream, where I'm Mandalore.
  4. I have a PS3 (for modern games not on PC), PS2 (best console ever made), DS Lite & PSP, Wii and Sega Mega Drive, but my Alienware laptop will always be my primary machine. I do also have a ZX Spectrum (with 48K RAM, no less) and BBC Model-B, but I use them less regularly.
  5. KotOR - one of the greatest RPGs ever made, definitely the best Star Wars RPG. TOR doesn't even begin to come close...And the celebration today really wasn't that much - in fact I bet we can out-celebrate them!
  6. I play this game on PC, I actually have no problem with it (though I first played the Wii version, which is definitey not great) - and PC gaming being semi-serious is definitey not true, as the spec of a gaming PC will always outmatch consoles (I'm running Alienware - it's better than my PS3).
  7. I don't play MP, but I finished this game a couple of weeks ago (got the entire JK collection on Steam), and it's one of my favourite games of all time.
  8. Indeed - I'm hoping for a "Republic through the Ages" type campaign, where you start in the Great Hyperspace War, fighting in all the major conflicts, through to the Battle of Coruscant in the Second Imperial Civil War and the formation of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate.
  9. I know this thread hasn't been used for 5 years, but if it's sticky, it can't exactly be necroposting (as it's already at the top of the forum). I actually only started that battle with what you see there and a level 1 space station. Mass Driver Turrets are epic.
  10. Oh, I'm sorry - I was unaware that my opinion (and, for that matter, two indisputable facts (they did win Worst Company in America, and the new SimCity was widely ridiculed to say the least)) was valid enough to warrant a reply yet not valid enough to warrant a constructive, intelligent, properly written reply. In future, I shall be certain not to share my opinions on the offchance that you disagree with them, as there is nothing I fear more than people I don't know insulting what I think over the Internet.
  11. EA. Seriously, of all people, EA? The people that just made the new SimCity? The people that made SWTOR go massively downhill as soon as they bought Bioware? The people that won Worst Company in America two years running?
  12. The first Star Wars game I ever saw - The Phantom Menace on PC. That game is fantastic, no matter what anyone else says.
  13. Sorry it's been a while - I recently got a new computer, and had to transfer all my files over. I'll do that - it should be done soon.
  14. I'll see what I can do. UPDATE: I've made the main part (the shirt, not the jacket) black - do you want the jacket and trousers done as well (it'd be no problem)?
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