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  1. They stopped letting me take my pants off.

  2. Marius Fett. Hállo.

  3. Heh, still no skype, eh Logan?

  4. I'm on hssiss now. Sorry I missed the messages.

  5. Up for Hssiss?

  6. Snard

    No more Skype for you?

  7. Heh, ok. Fun...?

  8. Hello VP. Any chance you're willing to talk me?

  9. Happy birthday, friend. I hope it's a good one.

  10. Well, of course. That lie is over though.

  11. Of course it says I'm 14...Because I am 14.

  12. Hey, I'm on Hssiss if you want to drop by.

  13. Ah man, I'm sorry. How bad is the damage?

  14. Alright man. I'll be sure to check in.

  15. Haha, you're back. Finally.

  16. When I was young, I was in a very bad situation with my father. I was abused and when I needed them most, my grandparents got me out of that environment. I owe them everything for that. About 6 months ago, when I first went to a mental facility, I needed someone to help me through that time. I met a few good friends and a girl that's become one of the only things that matters to me in life. My question to you guys is: Who's someone special in your life? Why?
  17. Snard


    Im very sorry. I can empathize, for I lost someone very close to me as well. I know how it feels. I wish you the best and I hope you get through it.
  18. Yeah, I suppose so.

  19. Stealing stuff, graffiti, suicide.

  20. Just got back from a mental facility about a month and a half ago.

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