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  1. maybe add maps and stuff from KOTOR? I know the conversion pack 2.2 already does that for bf2, but maybe actually have it in the game? also maybe more classes?
  2. the game runs slowly, which seems to be a pretty common problem with people my comp: Windows 7 64-bit 6 GB of RAM Intel I3 2.93 GHz Dual core Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT (it's not the standard config they have on their site for the card, it has 1 GB of memory instead of 256 or 512 MB) Any help would be greatly appreciated I think it's the graphics card, but that doesn't make sense to me cause recomended memory is 512 MB I don't know if it does this with the ultimate sith edition of the first one, but it does with the second. And USE and 2 have the same system reqs, or pretty close anyway, so I assume USE has low framerate as well. I'm going to test this later today, though I tried USE and it ran smoother than TFU 2, but like it, it still went slow when you hit something with a lightsaber, which makes the game a bit unplayable, cause thats pretty much what you do the whole time.
  3. It literally gets bad framerate the entire time, and it only gets worse when hitting stuff with lightsabers. I have no idea why this is with my current PC Specs: Intel i3 2.93 GHz dual core 6 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
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