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  1. I have an XP machine and when I installed Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and then went to start it up I was getting the "rdroid_gnome resease build" error. I am new to games but I followed the troubleshooting guide very carefully and also read some of the posts here. When I was going through my hardware config even though it said "no problem found" for my sound card, when I ran the DirectX Diagnostic tool, it also said "your sound card does not support hardware buffering...." and it also said "all tests were successful". Because of the one slightly negative message I went ahead and updated my sound card driver and then the rdroid_gnome problem went away and I was thrilled (my son was waiting patiently for me to get this problem fixed.) But then when he started playing the game that white screen came up. Luckily, in my efforts to fix the first problem I was familiar with the post by lucasarts faq that said to go get the new swep1rcr.exe for that problem. So I did, and the game has been working just fine ever since. Well, we don't have music but we do have all the other sounds. I'll work on the music later. The reason I went to the trouble of registering and posting is that in that lucasarts faq post they said "at your earliest convenience, please write back and let us know if this update allows you to run the game without any problems." and this seemed like the easiest way to do that. Also, maybe it will help someone else. At first I wasn't even going to try... I was going to pay for help or buy some other older computer or something. But carefully going through the troubleshooting guide and reading posts here helped me through it.
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