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  1. I seem to remember that someone on these forums told me last year, that it had been confirmed that Bioware had been contracted by EA to make a single player Star Wars game, due sometime 2016 or later. Is this still in the works? Any more information? Google isn't telling me anything.
  2. Lynk: I also have mulled over an alternate timeline where Anakin lets Mace kill Palpatine. I see Anakin being expelled over his marriage, but NOT exiled... he didn't actually do anything bad with Palpatine up until the point he killed Mace Windu. So if he didn't kill Mace Windu, with all that followed that, no reason for utter exile, eh? However, in my alternate timeline, I do see Anakin being allowed back into the Jedi Order, and becoming a Master of the council, as Mace Windu and Obi-wan had promised him. Maybe paving the way for marriage to become acceptable. I imagine Bail Organa becoming chancellor after Palpatine, and then Padme after him. Leia and Luke indeed grow up together, though Leia takes a political route, eventually becoming the first Jedi chancellor in 1000 years (in EU, there used to be Jedi politicians). Luke takes the Jedi path, and meets Mara Jade as a fellow Padawan in the Temple. Han Solo is a decorated Captain in the Republic, and Leia as the youngest Senator ever meets him on a mission where they're both disguised undercover but slowly fall in love despite originally thinking that they're on opposite sides (since neither one knows that the other is undercover as well). So you'd still have the pairings, in my mind. Jacen would never go bad, Anakin Solo and Chewbacca wouldn't die, etc. Basically, with my take on the Anakin-stayed-good alternate path, I go all-out in making everything rosy.
  3. Welp, it turns out that Advanced Artifice, which in turn turns out that you need to get schematics 23-25 from your trainer, is RotHC material, so that's a no-go. And there are no 26-27 schematics, only RE'ing those mods that drop in Black Hole and Dread Guard gear, which is not a sure thing anyway. Can't get DG gear without doing ops, which in turn I can't do without subbing or at least a weekly pass, so I'm thinking of doing some HM FP's to drop BH gear in it with mods I can use ^_^ Did two HM FP's last night with three or four guildies, and it turned out to be a really good group, and I got a couple pretty nice items. So I reckon this is what I'll do xD
  4. http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/ http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/ I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Nexus, a site which originally started as a host for Bethesda-made games in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. I've been a member for a few years, and am addicted to modding Skyrim, and it's a constant stop on my daily web-runaround. Dark0ne, a.k.a. Robin Scott has recently reformatted the Nexus, so that it's able to support mods for any game someone wants to upload mods for, and so inevitably people have uploaded KotOR 1 and 2 mods. Very sparse of course, and probably will continue to be that way, but it's... an interesting development. I for one have long fantasized about the KotOR series being supported by the Nexus (and especially the Nexus Mod Manager, but I don't think that's going to happen), but really, I don't think it'll quite work. Other than the KotOR series being old enough that not a whole lot of new mods are made for it, there's the fact that we already have an established modding site, or network of sites (Starwarsknights, filefront, and here). Still, thought I'd share.
  5. To jump in... Adamqd: You watched it "1138" times? Pretty specific number, and I like the choice xD Jonathan7: Your idea of the Anakin/Vader portrayal in the PT actually sounds really awesome. You should totally write fanfiction of the PT from that viewpoint >.> The OP mentioned at one point that the reason some Jedi disappear and others don't is never explained. This is in fact NOT true. It's explained at the end of RotS. Qui-Gon's spirit is the one who figured out how to do (after he died, apparently), and passed on his knowledge to Yoda and Obi-wan, who thus disappeared when they died. I honestly wish this aspect had been explored a bit more. Midi-chlorians: Meh. It is a bit too biological, I think, but I'm not really one to talk, as I explain things to death in my own stories xD What REALLY frustrates me about Force potential and such, is not midi-chlorians at all, but Qui-gon's telling the Council that Anakin is a "vergence in the Force". That statement is never explained, and never mentioned again. Even in Terry Brooks' novelization, he says it the one time and that's it. "Vergence" isn't even a word. I assume he means some kind of "convergence", but "divergence" could apply as well, from a certain point of view. GAH! 1. RotS 2-4. OT (no particular faves) 5. AotC 6. TPM I actually enjoyed some of the politics and such in the prequels, but it took WAAAAY too much precedence over the adventurous aspect that has been Star Wars' strength from the beginning. In the EU, for example, everything NJO and afterwards has been WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too focused on politics and grey morality, and it SUCKS. A lot of cool stuff happens, but the grey morality and politics ruins so very much of it. Sorry, that was a tangent, I'll stop now.
  6. Thanks for the replies I have been thinking somewhat about subbing for a month to get RotHC, but I dunno if I'm gonna do it. Honestly, I don't generally care for grouping; I'm a single-player gamer through and through. I only play SWTOR because KotOR.
  7. You must have RotHC, right? I say that since, IIRC, 28's are level 53. I don't have it, so the highest I can use it 27. I would very much like to outfit all my custom gear with specific advanced 27's. That's why I'm curious if you can actually learn the green 27, and then RE to purple, or if you have to extract the purple from Dread Guard and RE that. I suppose I'll find out once I hit 400 in Artifice and Cybertech. Of course, then there's the issue of finding the mats to make them D: The only mat that actually seems to give me trouble is molecular stabilizers. I'm gonna need 120 of them to make all the mods on my main toon wishlist, and I've only seen 3 of them on GTN, each for 100k creds! I may wind up having to settle for Advanced 22/25 mods or some such. :/
  8. :/ Thanks for your answer! I was hoping there was a ready source other than ops. I don't like ops for a number of reasons, plus as a preferred player, I can't do them without a weekly pass anyway. Tangentially related to this... Dread Guard gear (dropping in Level 50 ops) is filled with Advanced 27 item modifications. I know Advanced 27's are also craftable... can green versions of 27's be learned and then RE into blue and purple; or are the Advanced 27's ONLY learnable by RE'ing the Dread Guard mods? (In which case, ops would again be a requirement that I hate) xD Thanks for bearing with me!
  9. So I'm leveling my crew skills, and I've found out a few things from google, but I'm still not entirely certain where one gets Exotic Crafting Materials from. Specifically, Synthetic Energy Matrix and Molecular Stabilizer. I've heard they drop in ops, but is there a crew skill or other ready source that provides them? They're sometimes available on GTN for mega prices, I do know that. Thanks
  10. I love this thread... great for asking general questions without having to start up a new thread 1. I've heard that subs get RotHC for free. Is this true? 2. If it IS true, and I sub for a month (thereby getting RotHC), will I still have access to RotHC content and Levels 51-55 after the sub expires? 3. Is there a good place that lists the set bonuses for classic comm gear? (Most especially Dread Guard) Thanks
  11. Update! Last night I hit Level 50 and finished the Inquisitor class storyline! :D That final cutscene after the last battle is EPIC, man! Totally loved it!
  12. I came back after I'd left early this year (and I'd started like December of last year for the first time). Took my level 30 sorc up to 49 as of last night and loving it. My plan for this game is just to max his level (and gear and comp gear), and then solo lower-level content so I can feel like a supreme badass xD Plus, I'll be helping out lowbies with their quests and such. (Again, feeling like a supreme badass) LOL
  13. When I play KotOR 1 or 2 now, it's somewhat grainy looking; that's how it is, it's an older game. I'm just wondering if there's some kind of tweak or mod or something that will sharpen the graphics at all. I have GTX 560ti, and I'm on Windows 7, so I know my computer's capable of it Thanks. ^-^ EDIT: I *do* have max graphics settings and such turned on in the game options.
  14. Thanks for the reply, DA ^-^ I'm most just curious as to what some of the highest-damage powers are, in a few categories I have in mind, is why xD For my playstyle (Sith Sorcerer), I'm hybridizing across all three trees. I don't see much point in getting the highest tier powers of any of them (except the healing one, but then only if I was going for pure healer), but I do see several talents that work well together spread across the trees. So from Madness I have Death Field with Deathmark, Force Lightning with no cooldown, and a cool Wrath that procs an instant Crushing Darkness. Plus a fantastic Whirlwind improvement that lowers the activation time (before patch it made it zero activation :/ ) and lets it last 60 seconds AND apply to two other Standard or Weak targets within a radius of the original target! From Lightning I have a Static Barrier improvement, and from Corruption, I'm taking a bit of improvement to my native healing abilities. God, I love my Sorc. Mostly DPS with a bit of heals, and that Static Barrier is as good as or better than healing, in my opinion. First companion I got was a melee tank, and I've used him nonstop as my armor and meat shield, and he's very effective at it. I've also got some good control abilities, plus all my powers are ranged, and include several area abilities. I spam Power with my gear, and it pays off nicely. Sorry, I stop fanboying now xD
  15. Cool, thanks for the confirmation and additional info! I haven't even heard of Yoda Stories I lol. Ooh, this is my 100th post! Kudos to me! >.>
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