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  1. time to bring this thread back to life
  2. if you can read this thread....all of your legal views , and concerns about playing swgemu , will disappear http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16889
  3. well now , they do code it during off college vacations
  4. good post.... that bar tho .... set out to make more money im guessing hosting the star wars party , and i can see why LA would be angered at that now to counter this ..... i say look at how fast they sounded the horn emu can argue they've been now doing this project for 7 years ?
  5. yea so to know theirs star wars content in the game , you have to agree to a TOS to play it ....... how you gonna persue having said agreed to a TOS PLUS and to halt your next post......you could physically pick up the servers , and move them to a location where your "IP" or copyright's don't fly
  6. damn for someone with great puncuation and grammar.....Swg emu is still there and they need people like you to persue people they can't themselves lucas-arts talked to swg-emu in 2004 http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=168673 they never disclosed any information
  7. and will continue to be there past SWG sunset 2011
  8. and you also fail to see the words project ....... this game is only available to people who register ...... and is not a marketed item at all since when is it legal to sue someone before a production can even take place because to play the game , you have to agree to their TOS ...... which would stop any potential lawsuit to begin with i own my disks , so therefore i can play SWG from wherever i choose , and no you can't say what server i can connect to
  9. i bought the disks ....... i own the property , and im using it to connect to another server WHICH , btw , has nothing to do with Lucas , so it's on the computer i bought the disks to play with... where's the arguement now ? so , they gonna sue me ? tell me i can't play ? take my disks away ?
  10. and what do you think they can do ? they can't physically tell the EMU guys to pull the game down , or they would have ..... you don't think george lucas has some of the best IP lawyers ? they can't sue , cause to sue you had to have made some money of some type to feel the need for compensation and that would have to be BRAND only
  11. LA has acted , and failed !! what don't you get you cannot persue people who distribute items recreated from the ground up......and using the brand name can't be grounds for a suit because "it is a project" you cannot sue a project for using a name when it is not marketable what-so-ever you cannot sue anyone who distributes a project for no personal gain if no profit is made on the brand (even without the permission to use) you cannot sue.......CAUSE THEY DIDN"T MAKE ANYTHING YOU CAN SUE FOR IP only counts when your going to market something , otherwise , your just yelling into my ear , when i have a earplug in
  12. here we go wrong again the entire code is made of the devs at SWG-emu and absolutely NONE of lucas-arts code was used at all..... the entire game was recoded from the ground up and therefore , is grounds to say , your all wrong no client side code editing , and it's their own code.......arguement dead IT CANNOT BE TAKEN DOWN BY LA period.......the end
  13. pro .... it has more people than swg con .... it's not finished yet ? so this con should be flattened out
  14. they tried to get it taken down already.....are you that blind to just read the FAQ on their website ? i wouldn't be suprised if lucasarts condone's the creation of swgemu..... it would be a good idea to back them seeing as their closing the SOE version SWG-EMU cannot be shut down by lawyers , courts , or anything IP related PERIOD
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