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  1. Sorry, I'm talking about the first Jedi Knight. The Tenloss is from Jedi Outcast. BTW, the Electroscope is simply a scope you can use with your stormtrooper rifle in MotS.
  2. Has anyone found a mod for JK the lets you use the electroscope feature from MotS? I've searched Massassi and can't find anything.
  3. Will it cost anything to get the new game when it's finished?
  4. I feel your pain...
  5. In JKII, if you download multiple saber hilts, hou do you select which one you want to use when playing a multiplayer game?
  6. There's a room overlooking the area with the ship and Tavion and the stormies. Find the button and press it to call the stormtroopers inside. and stock up on sheilds and health, then go through the door that the stormtroopers came through (it should be unlocked now). When fighting Tavion, just use force speed and strike a lot with the fast saber stance (the other two work ok too) and dodge her strikes. When it runs out, run away so she can't get you until your force charges back up. Repeat the tacti il she's defeated. Also, quicksave alot during the fight. If you die or get injurded badly, just load from the last save point.
  7. ibobb7


    Are you serious that you beat the whole single player game with Jedi Master diff. level already? Did you use cheats or something? Well, good work anyway. I'm very impressed. It takes my three or four days to beat a level on JM. I guess I just need practice.
  8. Just shoot her in the head and teach her a lesson. Jus Kinning. I agree with the previous post, just reload another saved position or start the thing over from the start. Or, maybe she got stuck on one of the boxes, try to give her a little push.
  9. With saber throw level 2, face 'em and throw it past 'em, hook it around behind 'em, and pull it back in. Gets 'em every time.
  10. Dude, it's spelled SABER! (What the heck is a sabel, anyway?)
  11. Go back to where you came out of the tunnel in the wall, but don't go in it. Then turn back and go like you did the first time. There are virtually three passages. The right one and the front/middle ones join together. Stay to the left and when you see a passage leading off to the left, go down it. Beware of a lot of troopers and an AT-ST. I advise just turning on the speen and passing him to end the level.
  12. Here is some more help. Go all the way back to the room where you started the mission. Go back out onto the ledge, turn left, and go into the very next door. Walk a little ways down and you will be back on your feet again (finally!) Keep going, and there's the end.
  13. Find a big room with three smaller rooms, red, green, and blue ones. In all those rooms the buttons are offline too. From there you'll find a elevator. It's the same elevator you see behind the glass in the room where you took your screenshot. Ride it (I'm not sure if it goes up or down), then, well, you can figure out the rest.
  14. I'm not sure what your problem is, but here goes: Go to the side of the ship with the two hoses hooked up. On each of the cylinder things they're attached to, there is the symbol. Remember the symbol and its color and the color hose it goes with (red and blue). Then go directly behind you down the hole (you've already been down here to open the roof). Go down the tunnel, through the door on the opposite side of the room, and you'll be outside again. To your left is the fuel tank with two panels on top, each with a colored light above them (red and blue). On the red one keep pressing it until it matches the symbol of the red hose, and the same thing with the blue one for the blue hose. Lando will tell you when it's right. The first time I tried I couldn't push the buttons, so you might have to try it a few times.
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