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  1. I've long thought they should add stock markets into mmo's. I'm curious as to your thoughts on if you guys think it would be a positive thing in game. The basic idea is to have the market fluctuations affect things such as AH posting costs, how much you get for selling greys. Things like that. And allow people to play with their money in the market rather than just sit on it with it in the bank. Make the companies affected by the players. For instance a republic weapons company will move up a bit for every x number of trooper classes created. For every x number of troopers killed in pvp it goes down. Every time a trooper gets x number of kills it moves up. Make various world pvp objectives. Let the opposing side try to destroy a weapons factory and if they're successful, it drops the stock. The hard part would be balancing the market so it fluctuates properly and doesn't just always go up or always go down. But personally I feel it would make world pvp a little more interesting if I knew what I did could affect the opposing factions pocketbook. Make repeatable quests for affecting certain companies. Things like that. The issue would arise of what if it's a very one-sided server? My thought is, if one side has a terrible market compared to their couterpart, give them a % boost to pvp dmg. Give them help in making a come-back. Too much work for too little pay off? or does this seem like something you feel would be plausible and fun? Terrible idea? Let me know
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