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  1. Wow. This is really hard news to take. I've always admired him since I was a little kid, and, even though not all of his movies a great, I loved so much of his work and always looked forward to seeing what he would do next. Any death is tragic, and this is no different. I know he'll be greatly missed by his family and his fans. So long Robin Williams. We'll never forget all the laughs you brought us.
  2. Yo, you still need writers for RoR, or is that all covered?

  3. In case anyone is interested, here's the other half of my list (numbers 10-1). http://youtu.be/p3owSiCYUTc
  4. These are all great ones guys! While it didn't make my list, I am really interested in Broken Age. I can remember a time when point and click adventure games were very popular, and it's cool to see them coming back into popularity. Any else agree?
  5. Ironic I see the title "Crystal of Life" while listening to the final boss theme of Final Fantasy IX. What are the odds...
  6. (I'm almost afraid to show my "face" here after that mod cancellation...) 2013 is over, guys. As we look forward to what this new year brings, and await more content from our fearless Commander Joe, I feel it is only appropriate I give you my list of most anticipated games of 2014. Why? Simply put, I'm bored. Part 1 (#20-11): http://youtu.be/jWWFYQIoxlg Part 2 (#10-1): http://youtu.be/p3owSiCYUTc Now keep in mind, this is not an objective list. I am simply listing games I am personally looking forward to for one reason or another. However, if you disagree with any entries, I am very interested to know what YOUR list of most anticipated games are. Feel free to leave a comment bellow saying what you most anticipated game(s) of 2014 are, and why. So, let's begin listing!
  7. New Trailer. It still looks good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWosnK4HrBU
  8. While speculation is fine, I find it very ANOYING, when people make assumptions about movies that they have not seen or haven't been released. Besides, not only is he not the only writer, but the script isn't the only thing that causes a film to be good. Directing, Writing, and Acting are the main things that must be done well in a film.
  9. I don't know if there is another thread for this but, HOLY CRAP, A NEW TEASER TRAILER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn_0Z-dEWes (If there is an already existing thread, just lock this and let me know.)
  10. Before anyone trolls or what not, let's look at the facts. 1. Disney has bought Lucasfilm and owns the rights to Star Wars. 2. They said they will do another Star Wars film. 3. The Star Wars timeline spans 25,000+ years; plenty of room for new films. What don't we know? 1. Who will direct, write, or star in this new film. 2. How Disney intends to take Star Wars. Maybe they will do a James Bond thing with some good and some bad movies. That is the most likely. So we have no reason to complain about this. However, there is something for me to say. As much crap as I have given Lucas, he has earned some respect from me for letting this go. Now he no longer receives the profits and such from Star Wars. He has given up his baby for the fans, and that is commendable.
  11. hey whats up

  12. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) This is definitely how it should have ended.
  13. I loved Dragon Age Origins. I didn't love DA2 but it was still a fun game. So I am certainly looking forward to DA3. Only thing is, for every DAO save i had that i want to import, I have to play through DA2. Hopefully it'll be worth.
  14. Either show the whole logic tree picture so we can actually read it or stop spamming your own thread, man!

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