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  1. Yo, you still need writers for RoR, or is that all covered?

  2. hey whats up

  3. Either show the whole logic tree picture so we can actually read it or stop spamming your own thread, man!

  4. I have not new details on the VO patch.


    The main reason is because I'm building the writing team.

  5. Do we have any updates on the VO patch? Not to be pushy but I am wondering.

  6. How did you make the text effect for the Rise of Marauder logo?

  7. what happened to that mod you were working on?

  8. I was hoping to get feedback on the feedback that you requested. Will that be forthcoming?

  9. LDR

    Happy Turkey Day!

  10. Any line for me to do or not?

  11. I'd like to offer my assistance for Voice Acting. I can't do much work on ROM right now. As I said unless you already have someone voicing Kyle I'd like to do him but I can do almost anyone.

  12. Awesome,

    Sorry for the delay, ive had some life issues, Im working my way through all the files Har has sent me now :D

  13. Sorry. I said thanks. Ya I got it.

  14. you sent me a PM this morning, but there were only the quotes of older messages.


    Were you able to download the psd file, and were you able to open it?

  15. I can also do any other male voices (almost).

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