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  1. Pardon me:


    If you have been reading my TOR series, could you please tell me what you think of it? You're an excellent writer, and I'm always seeking to improve my work.

  2. I have, with mixed results sometimes. Why do you ask? :)

  3. Thank you so much for your comment! Truth be told, I am a feedback junkie, so if you have more comments and/or questions as the story goes on, please tell me! :)

  4. After considering it, I used your suggestion about the "iHolocron". The Revan part, however, stays because Qyzen Fess is going to return in the next chapter and teach Per'dra that not everything is about "teh gr4t35t Sith Lord EVAR!" :p

  5. By the way, did I "grab your throat and squeeze?" *LOL*

  6. *HUG* Here's to better days, and I'm sorry about your computer. :(

  7. Yes, Yun is her Master...but something's about to happen, nonetheless. Since he's going off to Coruscant to negotiate with the Sith, someone else is going to be giving her a few lessons...

  8. Just to clarify: The 5 people on the expedition in "Dark Descent" were my main character, Master Karos, Master Yun, the droid I3-Q9, and Warden Elindra. :)

  9. Hey! :) How'd you like my new chapter?

  10. From what I hear, the "Revan" novel by Drew Karpyshyn sucks. I was thinking we could do a far better job of telling Revan and the Exile's story. Here's my idea: we write alternating chapters in first-person POV, with you as Revan and me as the Exile. We can PM each other drafts of each chapter, and then I'll post them in one single finalized thread. What say you? :)

  11. Sorry if I'm being annoying, but what did you think of my latest chapter?

  12. How would you feel on collaborating on a story with me? Just an idea...:)

  13. This may be a completely stupid question, but how would you feel about creating a mod where Atris is Traya instead of Kreia, who gets redeemed?

  14. I very rarely ask for help on my stories, but I feel as if my series is kind of stuck. I started out with the simple crystal quest to meet Qyzen and everything, but now I want to turn the story in a darker and creepier direction. How do I do that without pulling a "WTF" sort of subject change?

  15. Thanks for wishing me a joyful 32nd year! :)

  16. Want to take a look at "Painful Lessons?" If not, that's ok, but if so, thanks in advance!

  17. I saw you looking at "Attack and Defense" earlier. I think I did a pretty good job so far, but I also feel that this installment is missing a little "something". A penny for your thoughts--or even better, a quarter! :)

  18. Being a "good" critic is all about enjoying the story (or not) and then making comments, observations and suggestions. Basically, if you say more than "good/bad story", good work!

  19. Would you mind taking a look at my Old Republic stories and seeing what you think? :)

  20. I think you should show the birth of their first son, instead of just mentioning it in the epilogue. My reasoning? Can you imagine the riots that would have happened if Luke and Leia had only been shown as infants in the epilogue of RotS, while all the slow and sad music was going on? :)

  21. I would love if that happened, especially to Kalla. So heartwarming at the end of this saga!!! :)

  22. I did not get a beta invite to TOR; my story is only what I WISH would happen in the course of the actual game. "If I had my way, THIS is how The Old Republic would go..." You know. As for the fanfic, I may write it and I may not. I'll have to see.

  23. Happy "Legal" Birthday! :)

    By the way, how did you like "Questions and Answers"?

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