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  1. My revisions are up, and consider them final. :)

  2. Would you please read my new story, "FORMLESS: Prologue?" Thanks!

  3. Thank you! You're the only other online person who's said that, so (HUG!!!)

  4. How about we time-skip just a little to when they get the civilian vessel, after having told the Masters they're going on patrol to the mercantile section of Dantooine?

  5. Your post is great, and thank you!

  6. Guess what? I finally posted again!!! xDD

  7. Here's a tip: Have Jolee stumped as to Yeira's symptoms so that Quirzar can try. Have him discover that Malachor V is still alive, and not only in Yeira's imagination.

  8. KOTOR III: THE PULSE is up for your perusal. Enjoy!

  9. D'oh! I meant Jolee. Will fix.

  10. That sounds great, and I will see you tomorrow. :)

  11. Go ahead, and I LOVE Trandoshans!

  12. 'Tis a matter of perspective. To your company and superiors, your position may not be very distinguished, but to a landlubber who only flies in her dreams, it's impressive. By the way, would you be willing to read a Star Wars story if I started writing it?

  13. O_O Really? I'm proud to be in such distinguished company! :)

  14. WOW! I loved the introduction to your character, and you can bet V'nessa's going to be tempted by Daimonos' knowledge...

  15. I haven't talked to you in a while. How are you?

  16. (poke poke) Want to join my new RP? I promise I'll post in it more.

  17. (poke poke) Your turn, and I read more of "The Road Not Taken"! :)

  18. (poke poke) Want to join my new RP?

  19. Could you please have her start on the (rebuilt) Dantooine academy? I love that she's a Cathar, because let's face it, having everyone be human is boring. XD

  20. Would you please review "THE FOUNT OF EVERY CURSE" on FanFiction? Thanks!



  21. I wish you a Merry Solstice,

    I wish you a Merry Solstice,

    I wish you a Merry Solstice,

    And Hecate bless! :)

  22. I deleted that story, unfortunately. It wasn't going much of anywhere. May I please send you an e-mail about a future project?

  23. Did you like my story about Visas Marr?

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