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  1. I saw you looking at "Attack and Defense" earlier. I think I did a pretty good job so far, but I also feel that this installment is missing a little "something". A penny for your thoughts--or even better, a quarter! :)

  2. Being a "good" critic is all about enjoying the story (or not) and then making comments, observations and suggestions. Basically, if you say more than "good/bad story", good work!

  3. Would you mind taking a look at my Old Republic stories and seeing what you think? :)

  4. I think you should show the birth of their first son, instead of just mentioning it in the epilogue. My reasoning? Can you imagine the riots that would have happened if Luke and Leia had only been shown as infants in the epilogue of RotS, while all the slow and sad music was going on? :)

  5. I would love if that happened, especially to Kalla. So heartwarming at the end of this saga!!! :)

  6. [sarcasm on] Who cares about all that, if the Lord is on Rick Perry's side and he intends to return America to its godly foundation? Money, after all, is only temporary, but eternity is forever! [/sarcasm off]
  7. I did not get a beta invite to TOR; my story is only what I WISH would happen in the course of the actual game. "If I had my way, THIS is how The Old Republic would go..." You know. As for the fanfic, I may write it and I may not. I'll have to see.

  8. Happy "Legal" Birthday! :)

    By the way, how did you like "Questions and Answers"?

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