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  1. I'll tell you when it's up. :) For now, how have you been lately? I'm bored on a Friday night and need some chatz. XD

  2. Sweet! I'm also going to start on a KOTOR II novelization with all-new characters except the villains. :)

  3. Check out "KOTOR III: Reckoning" in the BCC.

  4. Want to join me in my new RP? I'm back for good now. :)

  5. Want to join me in my new RP? :)

  6. Want to join me in my new RP?

  7. Good, because there might be one in my story. The reason why I'm making up all new characters is that I'm bored with all the other ones -except the villains.

  8. Question: Are you disgusted by "slash" pairings?

  9. I just followed and favorited you. :)

  10. My profile name is Vyrazhi. I'm going to be calling my story "KOTOR II: The Sith Triumvirate."

  11. Would you be willing to read a story of mine that's a novelization of KOTOR II with all-new characters (except for the Sith Lords) once I start it?

  12. Have you ever heard of Fanfiction.net?

  13. Would you be interested in RP'ing with me again? If not, that's OK, but I'd love to have you in KOTOR III: Reckoning! :)

  14. I'd love it if you added a droid as a secondary character. :)

  15. Thumbs up on your suggestion. :)

  16. Whoa! I haven't seen or talked to you in a million years! How are you?

  17. Thank you for the compliment, and you're no slouch in the writing department yourself. :)

  18. I never finished that storyline, so if you're looking for later chapters, they're ghosts. Thanks for asking, though! :)

  19. I wrote two chapters for you: one regular, and one as a Thanksgiving treat! May you enjoy the holiday, and may I say that I am VERY thankful for you. :)

  20. Thank you so much! :) I can even think of two words where we do pronounce the "e" in "-ed": "crooked" and "wretched". :)

  21. I have a weird writing question for you: Why, in certain poems and church hymns, do people put "fix'd", "bless'd", "mark'd", and so on? As far as I know, we pronounce such words using one syllable even if they have the -ed suffix, so what's up?

  22. Thank you so much! :)

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