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  1. Thank you so much! :)

  2. My thoughts on Dragon Age III: YESSSSSS!!! No reusing environments! YESSS!

  3. (((HUG!))) You have returned at last!!! And I think you read my mind, too...


    Did you know that you were born on my grandma's birthday? :)

  4. Let's do it on Balmorra, in the worst possible moment. :p Comic relief. :)

  5. What server will you be playing on in GW2? I'm inclined to join you once I buy the game...:)

  6. YOU'RE NOT DEAD! ((((Shana))))

  7. Now you know why I wanted to finish the story today, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  8. ;) Did you catch the "FINIS" date? :)
  9. I finished "Faceless", so you can read it now! :)

  10. Hint: I wanted to finish the story tonight. :p

  11. Per'dra has Force Sight, a la Visas. :)

  12. Could you please read my 18th chapter of Gestalt? It's about when my character is utterly rejected by the Prime Machine for a Career, and my best chapter yet...

  13. Please don't read "Faceless" until I finish it later this week, perhaps Thursday. Thanks!

  14. You totally saved my butt on this story. There was no way I was going to rewrite it! :p

  15. OOH OOOH PLEASE let me have it!!!

  16. Let's go for it (again!)

  17. I did write 2014, yes, and thank you for the compliment! :)

  18. I'm glad that GESTALT made you think and reminded you of so many good movies, despite your "negative weakness". Once again, thank you SO MUCH for reading it! :)

  19. On the site, please. :)

  20. If you would, I have another story I'd like you to review. I'm working on it under the pen name Vyrazhi on FanFiction.net. It's a non-SW science fiction debut:




    Thank you! :)

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