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  1. Thank you so much for your most insightful (and most awesome) reply! :)

  2. To tell the truth--not very well. :p

  3. I definitely like Hai'Dila as the surname, but I imagined the first name to be a bit shorter, like one or two syllables. Something that is reminiscent of war, metal, and gears. :) Thanks for helping me!

  4. Again, O_O. :) Would you do me a favor and think up some diabolical ulterior motive or end (besides death) for our main characters? :)

  5. What level are you in Karate?

  6. I guess so--it's kind of confusing because I don't know what went wrong earlier.

  7. Nope--everybody's on the raft. By the way, I didn't know you did martial arts. What sort? Karate? Judo? :)

  8. Yes, there were crossbows. As for Alkonium and his sniper rifle...we'll wait and see.

  9. By the way, you can wake Tael up and have him watch the burning Paryer in the distance. Per'dra will also talk to him and make sure his head's OK. :)

  10. O_O WOW--you do fight scenes phenomenally well!

  11. I still need help with Mr. Lizard, and thanks for helping me! :)

  12. Yes, if he still wants his Dwarven character on the ferry. :)

  13. Yes, thank you! :) As for Meara, she's the cook for our traveling group, or will be.

  14. ((Have him follow Tegan, who's doing a bit of Parkour at the moment.)) :)

  15. Would you be willing to help me think of a name for a lizardman character in this other story that I'm trying to write? These lizardmen are neutral like Argonians from the Elder Scrolls series, but they look more like the Iksar from EverQuest. :)

  16. That was what I was planning. After all, if the slums still had weeks to survive, that would only be an excuse to dawdle around...la la la! :p

  17. No problem! Anyway, Per'dra's not going to kill Velor without your leave, since you created him. :p

  18. I'd like to see your character sheet for the General, especially the backstory section. Obviously, s/he didn't become the leader of the Purge by chance. I can't wait to see what drew the General to the Purge (both the army itself, and its dark cause.)

  19. It is, I guess, but I intend to finish this one.

  20. That spot's not reserved for something else. In fact, what you say makes perfect sense, so go ahead.

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