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  1. No way! After all, we want to get to the real meaning of Perdra's dream PDQ so we can start the journey to V'toryv. :)

  2. It comes from the Russian word for "second", and you'll find out why MUCH later.

  3. That would be perfect. :)

  4. Oh, I don't mind at all if you interrupt our conversation! In fact, it would be a great help since Per'dra has no clue what's causing the roaring. Even her sudden hallucination of two eyes staring at her is ringing no bells in her mind...:)

  5. How are you enjoying TRIALS OF A SITH THRALL so far?

  6. Per'dra is going to go to the local tavern to clear her head, and meet you all. :)

  7. I love it! It makes the mystery of Tael a little bit deeper (and, yes, you have it right: Sazhen' is a Russian unit of measurement...:p) Per'dra is going to go to the local tavern for a drink to clear her head of the nightmares, and meet y'all! :)

  8. Thank you for offering to assume command of the General. :) I will take you up on that--you may name him/her and conjure up characteristics as well. Per'dra will be with the travelers, periodically receiving visions from V'toryv. After all, the Great Wyrm won't always talk, being in hiding. My typing fingers are itchy as well...

  9. Elves live 100 years longer than humans, so you're right on track. :)

  10. I think your character and his backstory are awesome! I was hoping someone would create a character who's on the Purge's side.

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Your Reavers character would definitely work, although your steampunk weapons would have to be Gnomish-engineered. :)

  13. I'm thinking more "fantasy races" a la Lord of the Rings, such as Dwarf, Elf, Ogre, Troll, Gnome, Halfling, etc. Thanks for joining, and I hope to see you in the RP! As for weapons, there are no guns, unless you engineer one as a Gnome.

  14. machievelli,


    You have given me the most precious Christmas gift a writer could ever get. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me to know that my writing has impacted someone--especially you--as greatly as it has!

  15. Hey! I started my character, Per'dra, tonight on the Vornskr server for TOR! Did you pre-order the game? If so, did you get your Early Game Access yet? :)

  16. Right, so each one can have a separate review by machievelli. :p

  17. Would you care to review my latest SW:TOR installment, entitled "Fatal Answers"? :)

  18. He's wondering if I'll jump in to The Eleventh Hour. :p By the way, have you read the latest installments on my TOR fic yet?

  19. I'm so sorry! :( I accidentally got you mixed up with Taak Farst, so please ignore what I just wrote!

  20. Here's a link to Vadym's first appearance in my fanfic series:



  21. Here's a link to Vadym's first appearance in my fanfic stories:




    The story title is "Poetic Injustice," but it's an edit from an earlier (and more stupid) draft.

  22. I edited the last chapter of my fic series, making it totally different. Please check it!

  23. OK--what do you think of my edited chapter?

  24. Would you do me a quick favor in the CEC and change my "SW: TOR" The Best-Laid Plans" title to "SW:TOR: Poetic Injustice?" If so, then thank you in advance! :)

  25. Thanks! I'll chew on those ideas and throw my old "cud" in the trash. Trust me, I know how stupid the last chapter was--I got too excited! :p

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