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  1. Thanks for replying guys! I'll check the Lucasarts Workshop out, Scummbuddy.
  2. In the intro, the messenger nymph is not shown flying out from the village toward Bobbin, as in the original version. Instead, after the Loom title screen it pans to the village and suddenly cuts away to a frame of the hill for a second and then instantly goes to the nymph dialogue scene. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Are you guys aware of this issue in Loom - steam version: In the village, at the beginning of the game, when you enter the tent on the far right with the green dye, the line "Grass green. I hate that color." is cut off. He says "Grass green. I hate that col..". :¬: I tried deleting local content and re-downloading, but still the same. So it has to be common with this Steam release. The old cd release does not have this issue. The audio should be intact in the CDDA.SOU file, but the end mark for that line must just be a second too short. Is there any chance it can be fixed? Thanks!
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