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  1. New Jedi Knight ll Clan "Reborn" We are a new clan taking in new and old, experienced and inexperienced, and anyone who wants to have fun a get better in Jedi Knight ll: Outcast. We will take in anyone and help them get better. All members are required to use a reborn model and have "Reborn(their reborn model)" in black before their name. ex. RebornForceUser Luke, RebornFencer Yoda. Only Leaders are allowed to use the boss model however. To change your skin just bring down the console and type "/model reborn/boss" for the hidden purple reborn, "/model reborn/acrobat" for the hidden blue reborn, "/model reborn/forceuser" for the hidden original reborn skin and finaly type "/model reborn/fencer" for the hidden green reborn thats it. We are now recruiting! Just leave a PM or find me in game, "RebornBoss Chapel"
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