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  1. Wow, thats very good news.
  2. moebius

    Walking in MI1

    As far as I know, all Lucasarts' games that use SCUMM use the walk boxes.
  3. moebius

    Walking in MI1

    As far as I know, and if you are interested in pathfinding, one of the best is the A* search/pathfinding algorithm. Just make a quick search at Google and you will get lots of useful information, and even sample implementations. If you are curious, I can tell you that pathfinding is one of the problems that artificial intelligence tries to solve. Nearly all book on AI discuss a bunch of pathfinding techniques and algos. Some are better in certain circumstances, but in general A* will perform politely and with a fairly good speed in any situation.
  4. Hey, cool Lixoo appears here... but I'm not sure if it should appear, as it is unfinished (yet). I'd like to tell you that I'm working on it, but I can update the webpage only from time to time: we have moved to a new flat and we don't have Internet access there (we will have it again on september), so I can only connect to Internet from the University, but we are behind a proxy, so I can't use SSH, needed to make updates in the SourceForge servers. But the thing is going on. Recently, I guessed how to draw directly to the screen under MacOS X (Apple's devtools have no documentation about that ) so I'm curently coding the graphical engine. See ya!
  5. All this stuff about debuggers in Scumm games is simply amazing! Why didn't anyone think that it would be useful to have a debugger or console into the engine? Sure the developers of Scumm thought the same thing, and probably every Scumm game out there ships some kinda "exotic" features like these
  6. Great ones! I'm starting to consider that the new Sam&Max game being developed by the guys at LucasArts will be very good-looking if they decide to use cel-shading! Usually I don't like 3D adventure games (2D is cooler for them, I think), BUT after seeing those pictures I have to say that 3D is not too bad as I thought before. Good work!
  7. If want to modify things without enlarging text, you may just use an hex editor (yeah, that creepy thing with strange characters at the right and a bunch of A, C and F's at the left) and find the dialogues inside the data files. You should first decode the datafiles by using the one byte hex key that SCUMMRevisited uses to decrypt them. I saw a program to decode LucasArts game files once, but I can' remember where. But you may use a very simple C program: #include <stdio.h> #define KEY 0xAF /* put the proper key here */ int main(void) { char buf; for ( ; ; ) { buf = getchar(); if (buf == EOF && feof(stdin)) break; putchar(KEY ^ buf); } return 0; } What a nice code..., isn't it? Compile it to something called "foo" (or "foo.exe·" in Windoze) and execute it by redirecting stdin & stdout: $ foo < monkey2.001 > monkey2.001-decoded I know it's a very simple decoder and it may work faster... but it works nicely. Just change the hex value in the #define with the one SCUMMRev gives you. After changing the decoded datafile, you need to reencode it: you can use the same program again, as XORing data is a reversible encryption.
  8. The thing is that we are trying to make our own engine, not just a building system for an existing one. Most of us are studying Computer Science and Lixoo is a good thing to learn lots of things related to general and graphics programming, as well as we promote the Open Source community. And the most important thing: we want to do an adventure game engine because we love adventure games. I don't know when will be Lixoo released. At the moment we are in design phase, so we encourage all the people reading this to make suggestions now. Of course, people wanting to help with Lixoo is welcome. Best regards.
  9. Yeah, I know that: I have two PCs at home and they have WinXP too, as I'm the only one here that uses Linux. That's why we recently decided to buy a Mac: with MacOS X you have the best of all worlds
  10. There are lots of people using Linux over there... maybe you live in some kind of ghetto where Microsoft has total control over all PCs... and nobody can use OSes better that Windows CE/ME/NT... Drivers for modem? It isn't a problem. All real modems work, maybe your modem is fooling you because it's not a real modem... Keep in mind that you should accuse soft-modem manufacturers, as they don't provide specifications of their modems to the vasy community of Linux developers, so they can't make good drivers for those modems... And I don't think that people use Linux only because of the penguin: there are some more resonable reasons to use it.
  11. You may check out XVID, it's an Open Source implementation of the ISO MPEG-4 video compression algorithms. Codecs are available for Win32 and Unixes, maybe Macintosh on a near future, too.
  12. I have seen some free development kits over there, most of them based upon GCC (The awesome free compiler), and some kind of small lC libraries to gain access to built-in ROM facilities of consoles (mainly for the PSX). I can't ensure it for the GBA, but I think it exists. You can use a GBA emulator in order to test the generated code, there are some good ones. Just hit Google ans search something similar to "PSX gcc" or "GBA gcc" and good luck!
  13. Maybe the most-wanted killer utility would be a set of compiler/editor to make games that could be run by the Scumm engine. It could be insuperable if the generated data could be interpreted by the CMI version of the Scumm engine. Best regards,
  14. moebius


    As far as I know, there's no version of ScummRev for Linux, and nobody is planning to make ports. If you're lucky and have a Macintosh, you could use the great Scumm Explorer.
  15. Of course you're right, too. But maybe we can make big companies develop games for Linux if they see there are lots of people using Linux wanting to play their games... Or maybe I'm a dreamer
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