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  1. I tried loading my smuggler game and then going back to my inquisitor game and it still shut off on me. Also when I loaded my smuggler game I was on the planet Nar Shadda and there was no floor, the map was completely gone and I was falling. I tried to use the emergency fleet pass and I couldn't because I was moving. If anyone can help with either of these problems thank you. If not I will just delete and remake the games.
  2. The problem is that the game won't even load now that I tried to travel to hutta. When I select play, the game itself shuts off now.
  3. I have the old republic as free-to-play and I am a Sith inquisitor level 24. When I travel to Hutta the game shuts off on me. Anyone know how to fix this because I cant load my game without it shutting off on me every time. Also is this a problem with just Hutta or does it happen with other planets as well? If anyone can, it would be a great help.
  4. I just started plaing the free to play version and I love it. I was wondering, since I downloaded the game I made my game and so did two other people. If one of us buys it will we all get to play our seperate games??? Please help because we are thinking of getting it soon and I would like to have started it by then.
  5. this may not be a video game theme but it was in the spider man edge of time trailer(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  6. The website is AMAZING I can't wait till the game is done. Keep up the good work I love the music. Whoever did it for you I wish they could do it for my game. pm me if you can about the music logan23.
  7. Hey guys, i was wondering if there is a website that has downloadable commando sounds. I use PC and when i open the republic commando folder i cant fing the sound file because i use the best of PC version of republic commando. If anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it because i was thinking of makeing a republic commando 2:)
  8. Hey everyone, I am completely new at all this. I just joined and I don't know a lot about modding. I was just wondering if anyone could give me pointers on how to get started. My idea was for makeing a third game. It starts out when you are on a space station above Serreccoo with your jedi master. I wanted to make Peragus into the space station. You then see a republic ship come out of hyperspace and dock with the spacestation. The door opens up and instead of republic troopers coming out a bunch of dark jedi and sith troopers come out. You must fight your way to the hanger with your master to get to the surface of the planet. After you get away with a bunch of republic Revan comes out of the ship. thats my idea so far
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