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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making it so you can put on bastila's slave outfit as well , but as a item you can take on and off not clothes or underwear.
  2. Can I please have permission to upload your kotor mods onto nexus for people to download I will Give you credit for anything I upload.

  3. Can I please have permission to upload your kotor mods onto nexus for people to download I will Give you credit for anything I upload.

  4. If you have, to try buying "star wars knight of the old republic collection" it has 2 disks one for kotor and one for TSL these ones work better on newer computers, if you happen to be using one
  5. I think I remember finding some files like that on my computer 2 days ago I'll find them for you tomorrow
  6. I can't find more then one hood mod for the first kotor game anywhere. It's the male hood's mod. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Male_Hoods;75995 My problem with this mod is not that it's not good looking because it is it's just that the color of the hood is brighter then the dark Jedi robes and other black things to wear. It's more gray then black my eyes aren't good I see everything dimmer then most people when i turn the games brightness up all the way in darker places in the game it really sticks out so I was hoping someone would make a hood darker or maybe a brown one for good Jedi robes please. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.
  7. Can anyone explain it step by step please?
  8. I still don't understand I still can't get it to work have you ever made it run on windows 8 ? How exactly did you do it?
  9. Will anyone out there mind making a patch for kotor or TSL ? I can't do it myself and if one isn't made no one can play kotor on the newer computers. I know theirs a patch that was made for vista so i hope what Im asking for isn't out of the question.
  10. I have no problem with the skins their fantastic! ^_^ i just wish they could be used for your character http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.lefora.com/2009/03/28/darth-talon-selectable-character-for-kotor-tsl/ this mod i found for kotor2 says it lets your character be her do you think making it for kotor 1 would be a easy fix?
  11. kotor 1 Could anyone out there make a mods or even a skin for this character? shes a really cool Twi'lek and ive looked everywhere for mods for her but the only 2 i could find were these http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Yuthura_Ban_to_Darth_Talon_Conversion;82169 http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Mission_Vao_as_Darth_Talon;94765 i would love a mod or a skin that lets your character play as her thanks for reading guys and in case any of u just wanna see some more cool pics of look at these ^.^ http://www.whatsyourobsession.com/review/sideshow-collectibles/darth-talon-exclusive-premium-format-statue-1.jpg http://mimg.ugo.com/201007/52423/sdcc-gentle-giant-star-wars-7.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gGauIpICc8w/TfbesJbrf0I/AAAAAAAACNo/smFk4LCq7-s/s1600/Darth+Talon+15.jpg
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