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  1. Great I'm playing again! But will I never be able to view a cut scene again?
  2. I can't find out how to upload the image of my specs...sorry for my tech-ignorance!
  3. I know what you're thinking "If he would just read the 400,000 other help threads instead of clotting the board with this one he'd solve his problem." I've scrolled through countless threads on the Steam forum and this one, and although my problem may be similar, my results from the help are not. The game will start, and will sometimes make it to the main menu (when it doesn't it just minimizes and I can't bring it back up). On these joyous occasions when I make it to the main menu and then load my game the same thing always happens: When I fly to a new location in the Ebon Hawk, it crashes. Now I've been playing the game for about 7 and a half hours error free, and now all of a sudden I'm crashing constantly. I've tried running as administrator, downloading DirectX, restarting, alt-tabbing out, screaming at the computer, and every other patch or fix I could lay eyes on. So far I'm completely impressed with this game, and would like to continue playing as soon as possible. I'm running it on a Toshiba Satellite A665D if that helps. Thanks in advance for any help!
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