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    Loves: Writing, walking, star wars (well, duh), star trek (DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!!), anime, random comedy (particularly DMCSF and asdf movie), and randomly saying bok choy.
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    Furniture, wood machining.
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  1. It's no biggie, I was just wondering if you got them. I'll hear from you whenever.


    Have a good one!

  2. Yeah, I've just been super busy.


    Also, after I finish Sleheyron, I'll be free to work on it full-time. :)

  3. Yeah, I've just been super busy.


    Also, after I finish Sleheyron, I'll be free to work on it full-time. :)

  4. Hey, have you checked your email recently?

  5. Hello, I'm working on a power idea, and I was wondering, is it possible to edit the following (just so I don't propose anything impossible):


    What powers are acquired when a prestige class is chosen (for example, in TSL, I'm thinking of three rage powers for the first fifteen levels, then the fury buff; If marauder is selected, all three rage powers are added).


    Is it possible to have a power requisite setup like this;

    push -> whirldwind -> wave

    blast (req push) -> imp blast -> mas blast




    shock -> lightning -> storm

    sith lightning (req lightning) -> master sith lightning

  6. Hm. That's a bit of a hindrance.

    if you'd be willing to give it a try anyway, I'd appreciate it. Though it's tedious work doing work and not being able to test if it works yourself, so it's no problem if you aren't interested (the K1 transparency is like the lack of lip-synch in TSL; it's there, but you can overlook it).

  7. Sorry for the late reply, I might be able to fix it but I don't have KotOR 1 for PC anymore.

  8. Hey, I was wondering if you could fix a problem with the custom robes in BOS:SR, where the mandolorian war robes make npcs transparent. Or are you too busy?

  9. Sent ya an email. Didja check it out yet?

  10. Excuse me, but I was wondering what the Sleheyron Mod is? Could you explain or point me to wherever you posted the info?

  11. Check your Gmail, please.

  12. Which Gmail did you send to?

  13. Could you real quick check your gmail?

  14. Okay, I'll PM some of the smaller stuff (just some character profiles, as the major stories would take too much of your time, I think).

  15. Excuse me, but I was wondering; did you write the story for BOS:SR, or was that someone else (looking for help on fleshing out some quest/backstory disscussion/other stuff). If you dont have the time, nevermind.

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